My Kindergartener thinks the rules don't apply to him

Jennifer - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello Moms - I could REALLY use your help. My 6 yr old son started Kindergarten this year and his bad behavior at school is getting worse by the day! He is an only child in a structured environment. He is good at home but at school he disrupts class, refuses to do work, leaves ancilliary classes (art, tech, music) just because he feels like it, runs from the playground monitor when it's time to come back to class, and occaisionally hits other kids. His teacher is really trying to ork closely with us. He is very smart academically. He gets praise as well as punishment at home. We are at a complete loss as to how to get it into his adorable head that he doesn't get to make up the rules.
He went through a double blind study for ADHD with very little results. We have considered poor sleep as a problem but resolving that made no difference. He sees a counselor but she seems to only focus on the one day a week that he is good at school and feels he should not be punished at home for bad behavior outside of the home. We feel this sends a msg that he can do whatever he wants in the world because "it'll all be ok when he gets home". NOT!!!


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Shannon - posted on 04/30/2010




Maybe your teacher could share your house rules with him in theclass room? NOt like special treatment but if a dicipline is the same at home and school for the behavior-which ever it is- amybe he will associate that his games won't work in either place. Wish I had more to say, he sounds like a very determined little boy but he will soon learn ther is a time and place to pursue his wants. Good luck

Angie - posted on 04/27/2010




What kind of discipline is he getting at school? Are you supportive of the discipline they are giving him? What is your reaction when he gets home and tells you he's been disruptive. My kids always knew that if they were acting inappropriately at school they were going to get in trouble at home as well. That usually meant, a loss of privilage....

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