my little man broke his arm

Cynthia - posted on 05/09/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




He fell off the monkey bars at school and broke his left arm. he is a very active 6 year old who loves to play outside. he loves his swing set and his pool. i don;t know what he will be able to do now with his arm in a cast and sling. i'm looking for ideas on enertainment for him. and info about going in the pool. is that completly out of the question? my poor baby just got his new pool yesterday. and ideas on what we can do for fun while he is getting better will be awesome thanks so much!


Annie - posted on 05/10/2011




You can take Karen's advice. Like she said, make sure the arm cast is clean and dry. Since he is too small I would rather keep him away from the water, just to be in the safer side.Also, you could cover the cast with some clean plastic bags to avoid getting water in the cast while he takes shower. It would be good if you first wrap the cast with kitchen towel, or any light cloth and then the bag,
and gently tie them. Also you could use fan or hair dryer to let the air in if he feels sweaty or irritation. Always follow your doctors instruction no matter what. I was doing pretty much all these things when my son broke his arm when he was two years old. Don't worry they will manage it as long as mama is around and their little world surrounds with toys and tummy is full. It's just a matter of one or one and half months..he'll be okay! If any doubt call your doctor or nurse, and mother's instinct. I'll pray for you and your little one. God bless!

Karen - posted on 05/09/2011




awe and such an aweful time of year for it to happen. My son broke his arm when he was 2 yrs. old. He was still in the playfully wacking so it was painfull for me too lol. you could let hi in the pool as long as he doesn't get his arm too wet (they'd have to recast it). Under the cast, his arm is sweating, rubbing, and itchy. You add water to that and bacteria could form (from warm temperatures), most kids get little sores and adding water to that can cause infection. maybe hold him so you can help keep his arm out of the water, or find a good floatie. I used to wrap my son's arm in a plastic bag and duct tape it around his cast when i gave him a bath and it kept his arm dry. Maybe there is something like that that will work better in a pool.

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