My nearly 5yr old is still wetting during the day.

Jodeen - posted on 06/15/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son was toilet trained for less than a year, but has started wetting himself throughout the day.

Still wears pull ups at night, which im not worried about at this stage. Concerned for him starting school in August. Both us and daycare are constantly reminding him to go to the toliet. Its like he has no idea that he has to go, and is not bothered if his pants are wet all day. We have tried rewards etc. nothing seems to work. At times i feel he is just been lazy, and other times, is can sense he had no idea that he needed to go. Please help.



Jonathon - posted on 12/25/2010




Have you been to see the docter to rule out any medical problems that may be causing this ?
If he is due to start school then i would take an educated guess that it is probibly stress that is causing it, he is probibly worried about starting school, making new friends, growing up officialy becoming a bigboy, losing out on all the attention he had from you and the daycare when he wasent in school, not having any toys to play with or worse not being able to play at all. Alot of those things he might not be able to communicate to you yet, and that will cause more stress because he wont know how to express to you how he is feeling. If he is just starting school it is probibly likley that there will be quite a few other kids in his grade that have accidents and they will be just as reluctent to tell others and talk about it as your son will be. So ask your son would he rather have an accident in class and everyone see it (and they will, you know what kids are like), or would he like to were a pullup just in case so no one will see. It is important to provide lots of encouragment, and also to explain him at this point that pullups arnt just for babys, that many adults with bladder weakness wear them. Just put it in terms he will understand. But it is important to rule out that your son dosent actually have a medical problem and you really should take him to see the docter. I just joind this community to post a repply message me if you would like to respond to the post.

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