My sociopathic daughter !

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My beautiful daughter. I suffered two miscarriage and one still born full term delivery before she was born. I am
69 and she is 48. I have blamed her bad behavior on many things over the years. I now see that she is a sociopath and has been all along. My heart is broken into a million pieces. She is very beautiful and very good at manipulating others. She can be the most charming person you will ever meet. I am sure I am not the only one to be disappointed by her. She has has many male friends, but the longest has lasted 3 months. Never married and no children. Thank the Lord !


Carol Many - posted on 11/27/2017




I am so sorry- I don't get on here often, and it has been a few days. I know this probably sounds trite- but it doesn't matter how old our kids are we can still pray for them and give the rest to God. Job- King David- both had to struggle with adult kids. Loss and struggle to bring children into the world always seem to bring questions of --might have/should have/why didn't it have/ OR just plain old""its not fair" the thing is -if you did your best to raise her right that's all you can do- even if you messed up- like we all do --as parents- you can make amends only to what is appropriate- she has been an adult a long time and has most of her life to take repsonsibiltiy. God Bless.

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