my son came home from school a day said...

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My son is 7 years old. He swears a lot at home and his teacher tells me he occasionally swears at school. Me and my husband never swear, today my son said "let me watch cartoons or I will bum you up the a**." My husband shouted at him, I think it was a reflex. The we realised how bad it was that he said that. He didn't hear it at home, so he must of heard it at school, he wouldn't of came up with that himself. We asked him if any of his friends said it and he said no, maybe it was because he thought it would get them into trouble. Although, I've met his friends and their parents and I don't think his friends would of said it. I want to speak to his teacher on Monday about it, what should I say to her? Where do you think my son heard it? We asked him where he'd heard it but he didn't answer.


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These days swearing and inappropriate talk are everywhere... on tv, music, movies... could be he heard from an older child at school or on the bus. He is going to hear bad words, teach him now that you expect him to use kind words. Make a point of sitting down with your son and letting him know that in your family this kind of bad talk is not permitted. Let him know that bad words are offensive to you. And that making rude demands is not tolerated either. Let him know the consequence ... if you swear at home you will immediately have to sit in silence for three minutes then apologize for being rude.
Play word games with him... who can make the funniest word combo..
get a book about not swearing and read aloud with him or Berenstain bears

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