my son dont want to drink his medicine? i really dont know what to do?


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Rachel - posted on 08/06/2010




My youngest sees a dropper or spoon and he gags.. So I have learned to mix it with a drink, apple sauce, long as he gets it, is all that matters.

Candy - posted on 08/06/2010




My friend's son has to take meds often due to his illnesses. She mixes his with snow cone sryup. Not much but it works he will take it.

Jennifer - posted on 08/06/2010




My 6 year old has severe allergies, so her has to take zyryec in the morning and benadryl at night. Since all of the children medicine was recalled(I know it's off recall but my local stores still don't have any)I have been having to give him childrens liquid benadryl and adult zyrtec cut in half. The only way I can get him to take his medicine is if I give him a drink every night and dump the benadryl in to it without him noticing and put the half of zyrtec in home made smoothie bars or some kind of treat with out him noticing.

Michelle - posted on 07/31/2010




my son absolutely hated the liquids so as soon as the dr. said he was big enough we switched to the chewables which were better but now he only takes meds he can swallow without chewing.

[deleted account]

how old is your son? my kids hated taking medicine too when they were little... you can hide it in juice or milk or chocolate sauce... just make sure they finish it. i used to put motrin in the orange gatorade when they were sick... (only about a quarter cup of gatorade) that way, while they were staying hydrated they were also getting medicine when they needed it...

Angie - posted on 07/31/2010




Try putting the medicine between his teeth and cheek. When you get it in his mouth, blow on his face. He will have no choice but to swallow. If that doesn't work, find a pharmacy that will custom flavor the medication.

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