my son got caught stealing from the other kids in his classroom


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/03/2012





Letter of apology to each kid that the stole from, accompanied by the item that was taken.

Letter of apology to the teacher for disrupting her classroom and making it a place that others felt unsecure in.

Letter of apology to the principal for making inappropriate choices and acting on them.

Enforce the school recommended consequences, whether it be detention or suspension.

Explain to your kid how his actions were absolutely wrong. Explain how the behaviour will affect his life, should he choose to continue.

And then, try to get him to tell you WHY he felt the need to help himself to his classmates' possessions! Does he feel left out? Does he feel that he's disadvantaged? (in that they have "more" than he does) Was he angry at them for some reason?

There is an underlying reason why children start damaging behaviours. The sooner you can ferret that information out, the sooner you can seek help for him, counseling or whatever.

Best of luck!


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