my son has somthing wrong and no one can tell me what it i s

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Hi, I am new to this site, but I could really use some help. I have A son he is 8years old, he is a very caring and loving child, he is a hudge people pleaser. I have seen thing in my son since he was an infant that just dont seen right. Hes never really seemed to fit in with kids his own age, always acting a little younger then them, but my real problem is with school he is a very good verbal speller but doesnt do good on written test, he will spell the words right all week while we study and the take the test and come home with 65, 70. He has also been having a lot of issues remembering thing he can answer me one day, and the next he will look at me like hes never hear that before with this blank look in his eyes. I have had him tested by several docs and the all agree that its somthing but they not sure exactly, he will a few in one are but not enough to say thats the problem, I am really at a loss and need help.....


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Well I know it's hard when you know something is going on and can't put your finger on it. I have been through this with my son as well. He is not in the 3rd grade and we finally found out what is going on. My son like yours is very sweet and loves to please people. Tests were and still are a big issue with him. Although since I have figured out hi problem and I'm doing what I can to relive the stress than he is doing lots better.

I know you're wandering what it is right? First I want to understand this may or may not be part of what your child has going on. So there is a site that I want you to go and view and it will give you a ll the warning signs, symptoms, and how to help him if it is what's going on. Public schools are not equipped and very few people know how to diagnose this, so that's why it make slife hard on those who suffer from it. 1-5 actually have it, and 1-10 really need a lot of help to deal with it. I think you'll find this interesting at the least. Check it out and if you ever need to talk you can always give me a call or send me a message:) I know with both of my boys it seems like they always have something going on and doctor really don't have all the answers. It does help to talk to other mother who have similar issues:) I have a 6 & 8 yr old. Both are dealing with what I've been talking about, but in different degrees. I home school both of them and we are going to start tutoring hopefully soon:)

Here is my e-mail address and phone number and then I'll also attach the link to the website for you to check out:) I hope it helps, I'll be praying you find out how to help your little one. As mothers we stress over how to help our little ones. Sometimes it's even overwhelming. God helps me through those times, and He is the one who gives me the strength.

God Bless,

Christina Allen


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