my son is 7 and has already started asking me how babies come out from the mummy's stomach?i


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Annemaree - posted on 04/16/2010




ha ha the questions they ask is funny somtimes lol i have a 6 yold daughter n she knows she was cut out of my tummy as she didnt want to come out the normal way lol n my 4 n half yo daughter knows she came the normal way i have showen them both the vidios of there births n they r happy to know .... remember its not dirty where they come from but it is up to u at what age u r ready to tell her the truth,, as every kid handles things differently good luck explaining lol fun fun!!

Leslie - posted on 04/15/2010




This is funny to me. I know it's not a funny question, but it makes me laugh. I laugh b/c my 5 year old has never asked. He sees our cows giving birth all the time. I just know how the question would be answered if it was asked around here. It would have something to do with the cows!

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I'm pregnant with my 3rd and my 7 yr old son (oldest) is very interested in this topic as well. When he asks, I give him age appropriate responses. I answer what he wants to know but simply, then a different day he may have another question. I just keep going with what he wants to know. He may still think that kissing is how you get pregnant. He only needs to know what he believes he does. He knows the baby comes out from where I pee, and he seems fine with that. One day he'll have the whole picture but thought he didn't need to be sat down and explained everything from start to finish. It's kind a funny to try and give him responses to what he asks without grossing him out or scaring him. My daughter (4yrs old) doesn't really care to know, she just knows a baby is in my tummy and she thinks that's great. Don't hide anything but give them the info you think or feel comfortable letting them know.

Sylvia - posted on 04/15/2010




Really, he's 7 and he hasn't asked that till now? I'm guessing he doesn't have any younger siblings? ;^)

Listen, explaining how the baby gets *out* is the easy part. Explaining how the baby gets *in* there ... now that's tricky. (Because in addition to the fact that it's kind of embarrassing to talk about, kids often react with "EWWW!! Why would anyone want to do THAT?! GROSS!!!" LOL)

There are lots of books for little kids about how babies grow, how they come out, how they got in there, etc. Ask the kids' librarian at your local library -- I bet they will have some good suggestions :)

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