My son is 7 and is getting even more morbid than before

Kathryn - posted on 06/02/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




okay my son is 7 years old and he loves science is very morbid. when he is thirsty he will say he wants to drink my blood because it has water in it. no he does not watch a lot of vampire movies because they scare him. when i ask him what he wants for supper he says he wants to eat me because i probably taste like steak because steak is meat and meat is muscle and humans have muscles. if i tell him no that is not an option he says he wants to eat the cat. our rat had to be put the death yesterday because it was having breathing problems. when i came home from the vet and i had bought him some food he asked me several times if it was the rat and i got very upset. i told him i would never feed him the rat i loved our rat very much. he has been getting more morbid and saying he wants to eat me more and more lately. does anyone have suggestions for me? I really do not know what to do.


Lauren - posted on 06/06/2013




I agree with G Vone. At this age, they are trying to learn how they can show their personality...they are independent but can't do everything themselves, so they act "silly" or goofy to get attention, display an interest, get a reaction, etc. I'd try bantering back to see if he laughs and realizes it should be a joke--"Well then maybe I'll eat you because you look so yummy" and then try ot give him hugs and kisses. Makes it silly, not morbid and takes his mind, even if temporarily off the morbid stuff. Or play it up by having him help you make food that looks like different things. Or put food items in boxes or bowls covered or blindfold him and ask him what it feels like. I think this is a huge invitation to be creative with him. If it continues for a long period of time, then I'd worry


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Enna - posted on 06/20/2013




My husband is the one in our house that does this, but it's a joke. He always tells the kids that we are eating the dog for dinner since he is so plump like a turkey.
I'm sure you were very upset about it, but it might have done some good to tell your son that it was the rat. Then see if he would still eat it. If it's a hamburger from McDonald's, then he would surely know it wasn't the rat (well, who knows what's in that stuff). But if it was something less obvious, then it would be a test to see if he'd actually do it. If he really thinks it's your pet, and still eats it, then he probably needs to see a therapist.
But I think it's just a phase and he's pushing your buttons.
Another way you might want to combat it is to find a documentary (or video on you tube) on hot dogs are made, or chicken nuggets, or whatever he likes. If you get the right thing it will be pretty gross, and he might change his mind about wanting to eat inappropriate things. You might also end up with a vegetarian.

Kimberly - posted on 06/07/2013




I think he's just trying to gross you out. My 7 year old daughter will say things that are gross and she's just trying to get me to react to what she's saying. I think this is a phase and that both will grow out of it.

G - posted on 06/04/2013




Hi Kathryn. I think this is just a stage and that it'll pass pretty quickly. My 7YO boy when thru a stage a few months ago where he kept talking about how to cheat at different things--i think it was a fun mental exercise and don't really think he's planning on becoming an expert cheater!

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