My son is a fighter No ADHD

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I had my 5 year old son tested for ADHD because he is so hyper and fidgets with his hands alot. How can I keep him occupied at home and during school? His kindergarten teacher says he is very good with his homework and classwork he just like to play alot. I try to bottom out his actions a home, but his energy level is off the charts compared to mine, any advice?


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There are some amazing resources for you to get help with your son's energy level. Go to the school's special education director and get some ideas from him/her. My daughter is not ADD/ADHD or anything like that but ,even and 10, she is a squirmer. It was suggested that I get a couple of things. A balancing disk from the work out section of Walmart/Target for her to sit on - the constant work of having to stay balanced take a lot of her energy but isn't a huge workout for her. "Fidgets" for the top of her pencil. Fidgets attach to the top of the pencil and are something she can play with and it's quite and not distraction to other students. I was never able to find these...
Good luck. Most likely, he's just a bright child with a lot of energy.

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Many family members told me that my son was ADHD because he was so hyper and the daycare provider told me I should get him on some type of natural “Downer”

Well at that point I had him evaluated by our family Dr, who had known him for almost five years at the time. He said he was fine after asking him various questions…ect.
As a mother I just had the feeling that he was fine, and did not need anything…

The Doc told me, for my son it was a maturity thing, and that some kids just truly have EXTRA energy, nothing more. He said that as he gets older he should calm down.

Well now at almost 8 he has clamed down A LOT…I also got him into wrestling and a few years back, martial arts.
He still has energy, and a bubbly personality, but he also puts his energy to good use twice a week at practice…and then he has three 5-10 minuet matches every other Saturday :-)

Your son just needs to do something extra…so try and find a program that he can exert some of his energy.

Good luck :-)

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as this is his first year in school & academically he is doing ok , it seems like he may need time to learn the routine of a classroom. Other than that if you have a local parks and rec or comunity center you might want to check into any sports programs they may have available for his age group. Besides letting him get some energy out it is a fun way to promote self-discipline & teamwork.


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Lisa - posted on 12/02/2010




My son does have ADHD an one of his problems is fidgeting with his hands in class, we overcame this by giving him bluetack to play with or plastercene (sry cant spell) this helped his focus on the task in hand an he pays more attention in class an wat he is ment to be doing an his work has improved no end, I no ur son doesnt have ADHD but mayb this technique can help.

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Get a trampoline and make him jump for 10 min whenever he is hypo. It has worked for my son. It helps release the excess energy and he settles to tasks much better.

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Is he resistant to wearing socks? Do tags in clothes bother him? Can you use music almost as a remote control to "rev him up?" Check out Sensory Integration Disorder. Some kids are sensory seeking (need lots of rough housing just to feel normal) and need something to fidget with to block out stimuli that overwhelms them. See an Occupational Therapist for screening if any of this applies (just Google Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Integration Disorder if it sounds like your kid). Some kids have strong aversions to noise, smells, tastes, textures, etc. Sort of like induced ADHD - try to pay attention to what's going on around him to see if something is triggering the behavior.

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It could be boredom. If he is highly intellegant he could just be acting up because he is bored. Try things like legos, drawing, things he can be creative.

Lashanda - posted on 11/22/2010




My son is the same age and I have that problem with my son also, but his doctor says that he is just very active. I give him his play time at home, but we also have "sitting still time" I give him activities that require him to sit still and focus, like arts and craft type activities, board games, and his homework time. I find that it works when I engage in those activities with him as much as possible. I see some improvement. His teacher complain that he is very active, but he is making improvement from when he was younger. It was horrible, I had the hardest time with him. He had enough energy for 3 kids! Keep working with him, he is still young.

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