My son is being bullied at School... What are the steps to make this stop.

Lee - posted on 05/18/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




For at least a year my son has been bullied. I've only found out this last sunday, when he said he wanted to die. To hear this from your child broke my heart. Now to start the healing process in both cases. your help would be great. Spoken to the Principal at the school about this, next stop is to talk to his teacher.


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There are many laws in place now to protect children from being bullied in school. The laws are written against "harassment" but ultimately are written to deal with bullying. You should research what the laws are in your state so when you speak to the school you are educated in what their role and responsibilies are to protect your child while in thier care. Schools bank on the fact that we, as parents, are not educated on what steps they must take to make certain your son is not afraid to attend school.
I have dealth with bullying with three of my five children so far. I try not to be combative as that makes thm not want to help, but no principal wants to hear you plan to attend the next school board meeting regarding their unwillingness to take care of the bully. This threat works everytime because if the school is aware of the bullying and ignores the situation then your child become physicaly injured in an altercatiion. the school is totally liable for the injuries to your child, espcially at such a young age. I did not deal with bullying until my children were in high school, but he concept is handling is the same.
Again, I would start with learining the bullying or harassament laws of your state in regard with the steps your that schools in your state must take to keep your child safe and help him maintain a positive outlook toward school. Then make sure the school follows them to the letter of the law...
I hope this helpls.

Amanda - posted on 05/18/2010




My son, who is 7, has also been bullied. The night he held his fists to the sides of his head and cried like crazy was it for me. He's usually so strong and never cries. It was a shock to see him like that. I talked to my son first then wrote a note to his teacher and principal. I asked his teacher to talk to her students about bullying. She did. I gave it some time then asked both my son and the teacher about it. I never heard anything from the principal but she's not a very nice person anyway. I also talked to the school counselor. she asked that I keep her up to date on the situation. Between the teacher and the counselor, the kids have been a lot better. I also ask my son everyday how school is going. As soon as I see there's a problem, I tell my son that he should just walk away and not give them the satisfaction of seeing him hurt. I also tell him it's OK to stand up for himself or anyone else he sees getting picked on. He seems to be doing better now. If this doesn't help for you, go as high up on the chain as possible. Talk to teachers, principals, counselors in person and let them know you won't put up with it. Also, talk to your son and let him talk too. It's important he knows he has someone he can trust who will listen and try to help.

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