my son is so good at home and so mean at school what do i do


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Dionne - posted on 10/22/2009




My daughter 7 had the same problem she needed a little more attention than what they were offering in the school she attented , I changed her School she's doing Great!!!

I tried the system mention below it workd up until she was 6 .

Melissa - posted on 10/22/2009




I agree with Rachael....I did this with my son and it worked great. They have a system now (he's in 2nd grade) where it's like a traffic signal. Green means you had a great day. Yellow was a warning, and red was bad and sometimes meant a call to your parents. Last year they did a happy/sad face thing for him to keep him on track and out of trouble. The front was for the Am classes, and the back was for the PM classes. he would have to tell the teacher what he thought he deserved (so it was teaching honesty also) and then he colored that face in. And at home if he got more than 2 sad faces in a day, he didn't recieve a star. Once he reached so many stars, he recieved a reward. Try something like that but more tailored to your child and see how that goes. Good luck!!

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What is he getting in trouble for? Is he having problems with other kids? Problems with being able to do his work? Do they have a reward system at school? The school my son attends does a reward system with the younger kids. If they get zero marks or only I think two, then on Friday's they get a Friday Happy Treat. Each week the treat is different, because the parents take turns sending things in. I think it helps, because it gives the kids something to work towards each week. Do you think if you did something like that at home it would work? Just keep up each day on if he got in trouble at school and keep a chart at home for him to see.

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