my son just dont listen to me!

Nicole - posted on 09/28/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




this morning i completely lost it! i was getting my son ready for school, he was told he had to wear pants, i bought him some pants a couple of months ago, he wouldent put them on ,he said he dident like them, and they were too big. i explained to him they are new and you will grow into them.i said cant buy clothes that fit you. anyways he staRTED GIVING ME A HARD TIME SOOO IM SWEARING AND YELLING AT HIM, THROWING ALL THE CLOTHES AROUND! so hy husband get up and said i always sceam at him and swear and hes tired of it! so i felt really bad b/c i know its not right to swear at your child so im crying plus im almost 6 months pg with no patience. i was on prozac which calmed me down, but cant take ituntil i have the baby. so i need advice. i told my husband im gonna leave the room to calm down from now on and he said no tell him he has like 10 sec to put the clothes on.... yeah right! lol what do you moms think i should do?????


Rebecca - posted on 09/28/2009




girl i fell your pain been there done that and i'm here again when they get school age they are finding there own style my daughter 14 now when she was in the first grade we had a morning like you did and my mom said becky let her wear what she wants call her teacher and let them know she may come to school looking like punky bruster so i did and the teacher just laughed here i'm having a fit and she said that it would be fine and they out grow it just let them be them even if their pants are looking like clap diggers now i have a seven year old boy and going threw the same thing the only thing that is helping me from going insane is that i put three outfits out and say you choose and if that doesn't work then let him look like a mess and just call them and tell them ahead of time .good luck

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