My son's teacher is recommending that I think about skipping from 1 to 3 grade next school year.

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My son's teacher is recommending that I think about having my son skip a grade, she thinks that it might be what he needs with his boredom and that it might help him with his focus level. I have had many different feedbacks but not from any one that has had to think about this kind of situation. At one point I think it might be good, but I also don't know because he is a bit small for his age but his intellect is well above what it should be. He is reading is well advanced and his writing is too. Math is great as well. His principal even agreed that it might be just what he needs. She also wants to start on research projects to help keep him busy each week. I don't know what to do. I thought about letting him start the third grade and if it doesn't work out after the first month, then move him back. I need a little more feedback please help me?


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I have personal experience in this area. I spent half a year in kindergarten, the other half in first grade. Then after summer vacation I went into second grade. I was the youngest in my class, obviously, but my parents made the right decision to let the school move me forward. By the time I was in 8th grade, I was doing 10th grade English and Geometry (normally a 10th grade math subject), so by my senior year I was taking college level classes and the teacher's assistant in Chemistry.

If school doesn't challenge the mind, it is easy for a kid to lose interest. In my high school, we also had a boy who should have been in 6th grade attending 9th and another girl (who was also legally blind) should have been in 5th, but also in 9th. It's not often you find a school willing to move kids up to keep them engaged, so why not take the opportunity? If it's too much for him, he could always go back.


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I have the same issue(Ontario Canada). The schools keep telling me my daughter is over the deadline for age vs grade. ONE DAY over their deadline! She is smart & bored with the curriculum & doing grade 9 work just for fun! They used to say she needs to stay with her peer group she had been with since JK...then she got transferred to new school in grade 6, and another new school for grade 7(no old friends). She has NEW friends now....who are in grade 8. As it's a 7/8 split she's learning grade 8(as per board policy). When I asked the new principal I was told "we can move her to a gifted program"....WHAT GOOD IS THAT? She will still be in grade 7,then 8 in Sept when her friends are in 9 & bored for 2 yrs with no peers in grade 8 as they will be in high school. I have a nephew who failed grade 3 twice & LOST his peers....but 99% time schools push failing kids thru to KEEP them with peers! I can't get answers from the board . help pls with how to get her advanced. My daughter wants to advance not stagnate!

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My niece advanced from Kindergarten to 1st Grade, and my older sister and brother-in-law were really on the fence too. We all agreed that socially, my niece wasn't quite there, but Kindergarten really was too slow for her, and you could tell she didn't like going to kindergarten.

My niece is in 5th grade now (age-wise she would be in 4th), and she is doing quite well. She has friends in her class, and my sister also enrolled her in afterschool and weekend activities where there were kids her age. So, she has friends who are in 4th grade also. In fact, I don't even think a lot of her classmates even realize that she skipped a grade at this point!

Best of luck to you and your son. Like the other Moms who've responded, it would be great to talk to a guidance counselor or even the 3rd Grade teacher to discuss some strategies on how you can best support his learning and ensure his success at school! :)

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My sister's best friend had 2 sisters who both skipped second grade. I know of a few other kids that skipped 2nd grade as well when I was in school (seems to be a popular grade to skip.) Maturity is an issue, as well as boredom and attention/behavior problems. See if the school psychologist is available to discussion. You should also be able to meet with the gifted teacher, guidance counselor, his next years and current teacher as well as the administrator (-principal). It might be a good idea to make plans before you decide. Is it possible that he spends part of the day (language arts lessons) in the higher grade and the other part of the day (specials-pe,music) with his grade???

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I can see skipping one grade...but 2? That's a lot. Socially he may not be ready and you have to take that into consideration. Why not just give him some extra work? Or skip ONE grade?

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If he's reasonably mature, can handle the academic load without burning out, and is confident enough, let him try it. If you're worried about the work, request some sample work and see how he does with it at home for a few weeks. Is he comfortable around kids a bit older? If so, why not let him skip? What does he think about it?

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You don't have GATE (gifted and talented education) or honors courses or schools in your area? I went to a GATE Jr high and it was very challenging.

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Here's my thing with this. It's not simply a matter of his size in comparison to the other children. It would also be how mature he is. Not only would he be smaller, he'd be younger, and as we all have probably heard time and time again, boys mature slower than girls.
He may be great and excelling at those subjects, but he might not be mentally ready to be in a higher grade than he is supposed to be in and more than likely wouldn't be at the same maturity level as his peers. There is also the matter of him possibly bringing home other kids attitudes or habits (which is bad enough in their own grade!).
Personally (but it's just me), I would see if the school has a GT program. These classes are normally tailored towards children like your son IF he qualifies. They usually test the child before entering them into the classes to ensure that he is at a GT level.
My friend and her children live in the continental states and her oldest is 5, but couldn't go into Kindergarten last year (even though she tried to get an exception) because of the birth date rules there. At one point they had him going to 4th and I believe maybe 5th grade classes (I think 2 days twice a week) because for different subjects he was at that level! But she pulled him out of it because she didn't deem him mature enough to be with those older students and he was also bringing attitudes (as well as subjects the older boys were talking about!) HOME. She now tries to challenge him at home, but that's probably because she cannot put him into a GT program if he isn't even in Elementary School.

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i think u should consult a school counsellor who can give u the right advice.
even if the child is brilliant, he should not be overburdened with work and studies, he might lose interest and give up... just try to keep him engaged in avtivity books and interesting books, share ur experiences, give him creative writing work or gift him canvas and colors to let his thoughts come out artistically.also visit: for kids related issues.

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