My son was trained but in last few weeks regressed a bit. Preschool threatening removal...

Jenna - posted on 11/11/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son was potty trained enough to be able to attend preschool, but in the last few weeks he has decided to regress a bit. Now his school is threatening removal if not trained enough again by Nov. 30...don't know what to do! He is so smart he needs to be at school, he is supposed to start Kindergarten next year!


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Gretchen - posted on 11/12/2009




I've read that there tends to be regression when something new happens and that it's perfectly normal. My younger son is a recent potty trained and he has regressed a bit on wiping himself. I hear a good thing to do is to remind them how much fun they'll have with their friends in preschool. Our preschool has a group bathroom with about 6 toilets to encourage the kids to have "group pressure" on those that may have regressed a bit. They see their friends do it and want to do it too. The school also keep spare clothes in case of accidents.

It seems some preschools are more forgiving than others. If you need to find a new preschool, make sure they "reinforce potty training." ("reinforce potty training" may even be one of their selling points in their ads along with "hot meals" and "learning activities") Reinforcing works with you to get them in the habit of doing it properly instead of leaving it entirely up to the child's responsibility. The teachers can see a child fidget and send them to the potty or they have group potty sessions to make sure everyone goes so there are fewer accidents.

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relax, acidents happen and he is cleanable. I fyou stress it so will he. He just needs to adjust to a new place and routine. For the school to sujest this is just plain wrong. They should know that kids need time to fit in to new scheduals

Kaye - posted on 11/12/2009




Not sure how it works for you there but in New Zealand they like for the child to be toilet trained before starting Kindy but its not compulsary. Could be that he's having to much fun and just not getting there on time you may want to put some of the responsibility back on them and tell them to remind him to go to the toilet every now and then They can go through phases and sometimes it helps to not make a big deal of the wetting if he sorts himself out as eventually they get the hang of it.

Kylie - posted on 11/11/2009




Thats a bit unfair of the school to remove him over something like sounds like he has gone backwards in wanting to use the toilet.keep trying he may be a little unsettled if u have just moved him into any chance have you tried using a rewards chart or anything like that for a bit of encouragement?

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