My son will be 3 and a half when he starts school (kindy) !!!!!!

Kerry - posted on 01/22/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi everyone! I'm from Australia and realised that my youngest son will only be 3 and a half when he goes to school....(which I'm kind of selfishly pleased about) but i worry because he will be the youngest in his year group that he might struggle. Is there anything that you noticed with your kids when they started school that you feel you could have given them a head start on?


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Tricia - posted on 01/25/2010




My youngest was also 3 when he started school. just make sure you read a lot to them and spend time with them making sure they practise printing as their fine motor skills are not as developed so their penmanship tends to be a bit messy. He has improved and is doing fine in his senior kindergarten class.

No need to hold them back a year - they all seem to be prepared and thoroughly enjoy being at school. He is on par with all the others in his class.

Tania - posted on 01/24/2010




i thought by law they had to be 4 turning 5 when they start daughters were 5 going onto 6 and it's the best thing i did to keep them back that extra year. they are very confident and very smart.. good luck

Kerryn - posted on 01/23/2010




I work in preschool. It is in his best interests to wait another year. Boys especially can be rather immature at this age. It is better for him to be older and ready to not just go to play but sit still, co-operate, be confident, and ready to socialise appropriately. Obviously every child is different but sending him to school young for your own reasons is the wrong reason.

Penny - posted on 01/22/2010




I actually made up little cards with picsd on them like tv , toilet , tub and placed them by the items so when my kids started school they knew what the item name and pic was . Its called word assocation .

By the time my kids were starting school they knew their abc's and numbers thru 20 and could wright their names and knew their address .

You can even play movies on the dvd player with the sub titles on it . so they can start reading the movie back to you .

Good luck .


Sharon - posted on 01/22/2010




I think it depends on the child, some would be ready, others not. You could always wait a year if you think your son would benefit from it.

Jaime - posted on 01/22/2010




Hi Kerry,

My youngest daughter was 3.75years old when she started Kindergarten this year, I was nervous with her being so young but she absolutely loves it, and is learning at the same pace as the older kids in her class. Is there a preschool in your area you could sign him up for before kindergarten starts?

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