Nearly 5 and still having accidents, nervous about starting school and still having accidents

Lyssa-Brooke - posted on 04/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My nearly 5 year old son has been toilet trained for nearly 2 years and has just started having alot of accidents, both wee and poo, everyday. At home, pre-school, family and friends homes.

He just sits there or stands there and goes. I thought maybe he was just too busy playing, or being lazy, but was wondering if it could be the new addition coming (I'm due in 4 weeks and this will be baby number 2).

He has been so excited about becoming a big brother to his little sister on the way and he knows it's getting close. He is constantly talking/ singing and kissing my belly. He's even given up old stuff toys for her.

I'm scared that when he heads off to school next year he'll still be having accidents.


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Judy - posted on 05/03/2012




It's probably something emotional. And it's hard to figure out what it is. He may be afraid of loosing your attention with the new baby On the way. Tell the doc your concerns. Hopefully the doc can suggest a therapist or you may want to find one. Or find a book. My son is 6 and still does it I am sure it is for attention. However I am a single mom and I know he gets lonely for his dad.

Leah - posted on 05/03/2012




Maybe go to the doctor and see if he has a bladder infection, just in case. More than likely its the stress of the new baby, and changes he senses coming (like starting school). Can you let him wear big kid "overnights" pull ups for awhile when he starts school? Or send him with extra changes of underwear/pants in his backpack and talk to his teacher about the situation.

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