need a advice for how to deal with 5year child rude behaviour


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Ev - posted on 12/26/2012




Its a process of learning for kids this age to learn manners and such. They are going to lash out though when things do not go their way. Just have to tell them how to act accordingly and even be the example. IF they get to the point of being outrageous with this then it means a time out or something akin to that. Make a point to let them know that this behavior is not acceptable.

Katie - posted on 12/26/2012




My son is going through something like this aswell.. He is 4, And at his christmas dinners with his grandmas this year, All the grandkids got one present each, And he was pouting on the stairs saying to everything that he wants more and he doesnt only want one. Ugh., Im not sure what to do really. We did spoil him the first couple years with christmas, bday etc.. But how to correct it now? I am sort of blaming myself right now. I feel bad.

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