Need Advice, not sure what's going on.

Elizabeth - posted on 10/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a four-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. My four-year-old has been potty trained for nearly a year with rarely an accident. We now are potty training our two-year-old and now for the last 3 weeks my four year old has been pooping his pants and lying about it, hiding when he does it, and sometimes if I don't smell it right away, he'll sit it in it for hours without saying a word. I have tried taking away priveledges, tried putting him back in pull ups, etc... and nothing is working. I am not sure if it something psychological or if it is something physical that's causing problems or if it is just him trying to push my buttons. Has anyone had this issue before? Im taking him to the pediatrician this week for his normal checkups and am going to discuss it with them then? but I would prefer not to have to have my hands knee deep in poop till then. Thanks.


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Angel - posted on 10/30/2010




I would try telling your daughter to be like her big brother and letting him hear it. (When he goes to the restroom of course) I think he's jealous of the attention she's getting during the training process, and hopefully giving him a sense of pride about her not being able to accomplish (yet) what he can will help?

Rana - posted on 10/27/2010




I just went thru this with my lil guy. Only I don't know why he started having accidents. I know I wanted to punish him after the first few time but I just started over with the potty training. I got him his own stickers and a sheet of paper to hang on the wall. We also, and I know this is not good but it worked, gave him a quarter everytime he made it to the potty. When I brought it up to his ped he said it was a good way to handle it. Hope this helps. Good luck:)

Candy - posted on 10/24/2010




I agree with Awy. He is acting out because you are spending more time with the other one (in his eyes). Let him give the baby stickers or a prize when she goes to the bathroom. Or let him help you praise her when she goes. He wants to feel included.

Avvy - posted on 10/24/2010




Well it could be just acting out. Perhaps he is wanting attention. Regressing to soiling himself at this age is sometimes difficult to correct.You could try making him part of the potty training for your younger child.Take them potty together,lots of praise for a good job etc.

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