Need advice - Passionate path or money

Dianne - posted on 05/15/2013 ( 10 moms have responded )




Hi moms. I am hoping that you can help me decide which way to go. Lately I have been feeling so unmotivated in my current position that I would really like to make a "complete" change. I mean I would like to go down a compeletely different road to what I am doing now.
I am so passionate about children that I would like to work with them instead of the accounting field I am in now.
The thing is it would probably cut my salary by two thirds.
I am not sure now even if I can manage the cut but things do have a way of working out.
What do you think - stick with a job that gives plenty of money but no satisfaction or start a venture where you working in something that you are passionate about with little pay.


Elizabeth - posted on 05/17/2013




Definate Passion! and the is a way of having both, I work part time at home around my 2 babies as i really didnt want to go back to work but couldnt afford not to, I was introduced to this business in the health and wellness industry and its the best thing I ever done, I now manage to have both, I love my job and spending time with my family and earn a very healthy salary
If you would like more info send me a message and i'll help you acheive your dreams like i did

Dove - posted on 05/16/2013




If you can find a way to afford it.... definitely pursue what you enjoy. Money is an unfortunate necessity in life, but as long as you can provide all the needs of yourself and your family.... there is WAY more to life than money. Enjoying what you do is much more important.

Enna - posted on 05/15/2013




If you can afford it, then definitely switch. It's so much better to be happy.


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Annie - posted on 06/01/2013




I did the "complete change" and do not have any regrets, and sure the money is not there anymore, and our lifestyle had to change dramatically! But all for the better - we are now wealthy in other ways and are making the most of our time together as a family! We are happier, healthier (because now we have to grow a lot of our food) and we are all absolutely enjoying and getting the most out of life. It is a great example to set for your children to do something that you are passionate about and to live a life full of fun, laughter and happiness :)
Money wont make you happy, only you can make you happy!
Good luck

Tina - posted on 05/20/2013




Admire all the responses...but you need money to give you the time to do what you are passionate about....
There is a third choice though....
What do you think?.. working where you are working in something you are passionate about and make more money....
Tina 602-740-0786

Kristi - posted on 05/20/2013




I went through something similar. In high school, I wanted to be a lawyer and go into politics. I ended up getting pregnant my senior year of high school and realized that 7 years of schooling wouldn't be realistic with a young child. I was offered the opportunity to go to nursing school....I never wanted to be a nurse, but I could have my degree in 2 years and always have good pay and job I did it.
Although I never really liked nursing, it paid the bills, had flexible hours, and I never had to worry about not finding a job.....after going through a nasty divorce, I learned that I couldn't stand lawyers and was happy I didn't become one. After being a nurse for 15 years and realizing that I was burning out quickly, I decided what I really wanted to do: be an archaeologist and museum specialist. To make any sort of money in this field, you have to have a PhD. I started taking just a couple of classes at a time back in 2006, when my youngest was about 4 years old (I ended up having 4 kids). I am still working toward the PhD but am to a point where I can work some in my new field.....but I can also still work some shifts as a nurse as well, to earn the cash. I will tell you....even being in school for archaeology and museum studies has breathed fresh air into my soul. Since I already had a job that could pay the bills, I took my time with the other courses....doing it this way, I didn't feel like I was short changing my fact, my kids were thrilled because I was much HAPPIER to be doing something that was good for me. It improved all aspects of my life. I'd say GO FOR IT! We only have one chance on this earth (unless you believe in reincarnation ;) so don't have any regrets. We spend too much time at work to be unhappy....I didn't want to be an old lady on my death bed feeling like I had wasted my gift.

Denise - posted on 05/17/2013




Hi Dianne, I think do something you are passionate about for sure because we only live once and we work most of the time we are on this earth so why not make your passion your work. Then you don't feel like you are working. It is all about enjoying every moment that we are living and making the best of it. If you can afford to cut costs for a while, take a cut in pay and do something your really love, then do it. You might have to make some sacrifices in the beginning but it will be worth it to have a more fulfilling life.

I did it and I am so happy I did. I actually just got offered a possibility of a high paying job but I love what I do too much and I didn't give it another thought. I work for myself, do something I love, work my own hours and just enjoy life so much more and I am happy! My kids are happier because they have their mom home.
Aren't we all just striving to live a happy life. Do it girl! Follow you passion!
Good luck!

SiewYean - posted on 05/16/2013




Pursue your passion. I used to love my career and job so much but things change when kids come along.

I know not everyone can afford to quite their job and pursue your interest immediately. Sit down with your other half and make some plan on it. It can be difficult initially during the transition. I believe if you are doing something of your passion, things will work out in the long term.

I have gone through the path. What I am doing now is peanut compared to what I was getting in an MNCs years ago. But I am happy with the kids. It takes me two whole years to come to a decision then.

Just Believe in Yourself. Life is too short to continue working on something you don't like and feel miserable everyday.

Lakota - posted on 05/16/2013




As a mom, you are responsible for your kids first. If you can't afford the cuts, then don't do it now. In today's economy, if you have a job that is paying the bills and you are able to care for your kids' needs, keep it - even if that means sticking with a job you aren't thrilled with right now. I understand that you are passionate about children, but, don't forget your own. If financially you can afford to switch jobs, then do it.

M. - posted on 05/15/2013




Just my two cents..... I think you can and should have both. Life is far too short to do something you're not passionate about. Maybe you can do what you love and you could always add a direct sales business on the side you can do from home to supplement the income you lose. I'm a stay home mom but I do bring in an income from direct sales. It's fun and my family time comes first. I can work my business around my family instead of the other way around. They say do what you love and the money will follow. All the best to you in your decision!!

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