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Im very frustrated. I just bought a 30 dollar helmet, a skateboard, etc. for my son who wants to learn how to skateboard because he borrowed one and enjoyed it. My son- who is 8 is addicted to xbox games. I thought wonderful! a way to get him outside and excercise. My husband needless to say, threw a fit because he said skaterboys are bad boys. They frequently smoke pot, they are rebels. The school my son attends has banned skateboards so he cannot skate to school. I dont let him go to the local skatepark for fear that going there.. he will be labeled. I just let him skateboard around the block. My son is a loving kind person, respectful and he doesnt wear baggy or too tight pants. he doesnt wear his hat backwards. He just likes his skateboard. Do i give in to the school, my husband and probably tons of citizens in the town and deny him his skateboard? What do you think of skater boys? Is my son safe around skater boys? I have no experience with them. They seem like nice kids. They never cussed once when i asked them where to buy a skateboard and were very polite. I just dont know what to do. Please advise.


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I would not give in! The whole theory in general is stupid--skateboards to not make kids smoke pot! Furthermore, what your husband is doing is stereotyping and you certainly do not want to pass those habits on to your child.

The school most likely banned skateboards because they can be a safety hazard--not because skateboarding would cause kids to do drugs.

I was part of the "skater" crowd back in my day, and still have friends who skate. We looked rough, we liked to contradict the norm, some smoked in highschool, I think all of us drank in highschool, but when we were his age, 8, we just skated and learned tricks. The smoking and drinking we did in highschool had nothing to do with our skating--In fact, the so-called "good kids" on the cheer team, football teams, and band did A LOT more drinking and smoked a lot worse stuff than we did, so you could say that the skateboard discouraged it, but that would be just as stupid as saying skateboards encourage bad behaviors.

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Skaterboys are no different than the ones that play football, lacrosse, basketball etc... It all depends on their upbringing and the friends they are allowed to hang out with. I've known many great kids that love to skateboard and don't cause any problems! Is there anyway you can go to the skatepark with him so he can enjoy some of the ramps? Good luck and know that you are a good mom for letting your child do something he has fun with!

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I've never heard such a thing! Skateboarding in my area is almost a rite of passage for most boys, and we encourage it.

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my little boy loves skating and so does my baby sister(11). the skate park is fine he is only 8 come on. you would think his dad would encourage this instead of video games. its when he gets older and then thats just some kids. my brothers, friends, and i skated from 8 to teens and never did all that bad stuff.

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My sons (3 of them, ages 11, 13 and 15) all skateboard and are not drug users, rebels, criminals, or disrespectful. All of my boys are on the honor roll at school and their friends who they skate with are the same. There are bad apples in every type of "hobby" available to kids and it is all a matter of parental raising, involvement and awareness of where your boys go and who they hang out with.

It is incredibly close-minded to brand all boys who skateboard as "trouble." Unless this is a small town and each and every boy who skateboards is bad (in that case, you'd probably do better to keep him out of trouble), I can't see how such incredibly broad generalizations would matter.

Good luck mom!


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My son is 13 and is very proud of himself because today he fixed his skate board LOL He had 2 with broken trucks so he swapped them around to have 1 that works. My son only skateboards at home or at friends, I don't let him go to the skate park because it's also for bikes and I'm just not comfortable with the "crowd" that hang out there. But I'm not going to say my son is going to become like that just from having a skateboard... keeping him away from those kids means he has a better chance of staying himself and not trying to "fit in" if you know what I mean.

When he's older he'll get more freedom, if at 15-16 he's still in to skateboarding I may allow him to hang out there, but between now and then I want to instill morals in him so I don't have to worry later.

At 8 you are still in full control of what your son does, you want him outside and not confined to indoor games. Let him skateboard. You said it's only around the block - I don't let my 13 year old around the street LOL but that is because of where we live :P

And just for the record, my 13 year old has always been very polite, respectful, helpful around the house, he may not be an A student but he does his best. I don't think he will ever be a "bad boy" ;)

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When I was a kid the stereotype was that all Mexicans were stupid and would never amount to anything. In our family of 4 Mexican children, 2 of us were valedictorian. Discuss with your husband the possibility that your son could be the one to prove this stereotype wrong too. He's only 8 for Pete's sake. At that age I can't imagine that he'd be going to the skate park alone so he won't be in danger of being offered drugs, etc. As far as the school is concerned; I’m sure skateboards were banned because it's unsafe to have some children skating in crowds - it's a safety issue that should be respected.

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