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Noreen - posted on 12/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do you know when your child needs glasses? My 8 yr old got sent to the nurse today with a bad headache and had to lie there for 10 minutes for it to clear up, then went to lunch. the past 3 days in a row, he has had headaches, I've given him Tylenol for it when he gets one, for it sparks when he wakes up, and hes been complaining of them that he had them during school the day. I've tried asking him questions how does the blackboard look to you? is it fuzzy or clear ? do you get them when you're doing schoolwork or reading , maybe he might need them for just school, or... I donno. I tried my glasses on him to see if he could see clearer, but he said things look in slow motion.. whatever that means.. of course my prescription could be too strong for him for it to look that way, I don't want him getting glasses for the sake of wearing them and hurting his eyes worse, he recently had a vision test at his school and was reported of having 30/20 vision. Anyone know if that's good or bad? he gets the headaches in his temple, I'm also hoping these aen't migraines as his father gets them-maybe theyre being passed on? If he complains again about them , I'm going to make an appointment with the dr for a vision test or get a script for an opthomologist. anyone go through this ? what should Ilook for to know if he really needs glasses or not? TIA- Noreen


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Katherine - posted on 12/15/2009




Just one little problem and a migraine can start. I only had one weak eye in HS and I got terrible headaches to the point of throwing up. It also throws off your equilibrium, I would definitely take him to an opthamologist.

Angie - posted on 12/15/2009




20/30 is good vision. 20/20 is perfect. If you are concerned, take him to the eye doctor and see what they say. If you don't have vision insurance, you might try using the vision care at Walmart. As a child, he may not be able to tell you if the blackboard is clear or fuzzy - it's all he's ever known. I was amazed when I first got my glasses because I didn't know there were cracks in the rock at the top of a mountain in my town. I thought everyone saw what I saw...

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