Need Help ! My daughter is starting grade 1 and needs help learning to read


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A_m_b_hall - posted on 09/02/2013




Has her teacher told you that she needs help? Otherwise, she may be developmentally on track.
I was an early reader (3). My younger daughter was an early reader (4). My older daughter read a bit late (7). None of these are truly remarkable (neither a sign of giftedness or disability)
The new common core standards expect children to be able to read simple texts WITH SUPPORT by the end of 1st grade.

Enna - posted on 08/29/2013




What have you done to help her so far? The biggest thing is to read with her. Read her books, read her magazines, read the newspaper (if appropriate), read street signs, read cereal boxes, McDonald's boxes, nutrition information, the calendar. Read her anything with words on it. Turn the closed captioning on on the TV (It will help her to understand that the words on the TV correspond to what they're saying.)
If she's starting to read, then the big thing is book choice. Until they learn it's easiest to get them to read if they really like the topic, try something easy, but if it's the right topic you can try something a bit harder, as long as you're willing to help. Make sure you have time set aside (EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, including weekends) where you read. If she's not home, send a book with her.
My daughter is in first grade and she's a great reader. She didn't want to learn at first because she was happy with me reading to her. But finally something caught her, and now she loves it. And every kid learns at a different rate. My daughter can read, but she's clumsy and runs like a turtle. :)

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