need ideas for fun, learning activities for my son

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My son is 7 years old and in 1st grade. He had a fantastic parent/teacher conference this morning and is reading at a 4th grade level. The teacher has only tested him that far and suspects he is reading beyond that even.
The teacher suggested that we, the parents, need to try to challenge him at home. Part of me thinks "Yes, ok" but part of me thinks "isn't that for the teacher to do". Anyway, I don't want to make him do schoolwork during all his free time, but need ideas maybe for a weekly or monthly project. Any ideas?


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I am a teacher, and I do think that it is both parents and teachers who need to educate their kids and challenge them to push their boundaries etc. If it were me, I would have him pick something he's interested in and have him do an activity surrounding it. Maybe he could research his favorite activities, animals, space etc on the internet and at the library and make a little book about it or something. If he likes books, get him reading challenging books and then do activities surrounding them. He could write a new ending, make his own story with the same characters, draw his favorite scene...there are tons of things you can do. The biggest thing is that you don't want him to feel like he's being punished for being smart by giving him more work. That's why he needs to choose something he actually wants to do.


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Jordan - posted on 10/10/2010




hmmmm well you must be doing something educational on a fairly regular basis or your little guy would not be as little guy has been reading since the age of 3 and has advanced knowledge on many subjects and I can tell ya with pride that he sure didn't come out of a box like that LOL LOL try at home science projects, expose him to your local museums take day trips to the city museums and installations...his interests, if you don't know them all ready will nurish and flourish! Good luck!!! and for goodness sake HAVE FUN!

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My son (2nd grade) is the same way. We have recently started reading books that are more at his level. We just finished "Indian in the Cupboard." Which he LOVED. I also bought him these old scholastic binders that literally have thousands of leaflets about animals at a second hand store. He spends hours reading it as well. He likes to spend time on the computer researching facts about space, animals, and insects. He also likes to build pretty complicated large jigsaw puzzles.

Just make sure you pick something that will interest him. Don't make if feel like it is additional work.

SiewYean - posted on 10/08/2010




Glad to know that your son had such excellent reading level. This is a gift.

I feel that parents are the best person to inspire kids to learn and excel. It is great to know that you are taking this opportunity to spur your kid in learning. There many learning games and educational activities we can do with our kids. Keep it fun and entertaining while learning is important to the kid. Play, Learn and Inspire - that's what I always believe when I teach (or I should say play ?? with) my kids.

You can find interactive learning games and fun educational activities ideas in

Hope you enjoy your learning/teaching time with your child.

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