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Tia - posted on 01/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok here is the deal. I have an 11 yr old son that up until this school year was a straight A student and on principals honor roll. He was almost held back in Kindergarten due to his "immaturity" as the teacher called it. They passed him on and he ended up being held back in first grade. He is going on 12 and in the 4th grade. Here is how he acts:

He gets easily frustrated, pulls his hair, growls at people (even his teacher) when frustrated and has done this since he was young. I thought since he did great on his school work that he was ok. But he has trouble paying attention at times (if the subject does not interest him). He also hits and fights with his younger brother and screams at his 3 yr old sister. He has made comments of he wishes he was dead and he behaves worse at home than he does anywhere else. I feel he does that because he is not sure how other people will react to his behavior so he can control himself but lately it has been very hard for him to control his temper, his physical actions and his mouth (back talking etc.). Oh he also has issues with getting into other peoples personal space (tried to give everyone he knows a hug). He is a loving boy and I have see that side of him alot where others think he is just a trouble maker. And I hate the idea of him being labeled that in school.

Has anyone had these types of experiences? Does it sound like ADHD or ADD? He is set up with an appointment to see a specialist to have him checked for ADD. Please anyone help me. I feel as though I am failing him horribly!


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Carol - posted on 01/12/2010




Tia, I have also been dealing with alot of these same issues with my son who was diagnosed mild ADD January 08, but had some problems since kindergarten. If you would like to email eachother, my email is and I am also on facebook as Carol Klanchar. I definitely know where you are coming from as far as not knowing where to go, and who to talk to to get support. I will warn you that Doctors will usually just want to prescribe meds and sometimes they don't have any other alternatives to give you and so then you must find answers on your own. I have helped my son by changing his diet, researching vitamin use, and looking into the causes of why he behaves the way he does, and not just giving him meds to mask the symptoms. I would love to help you and your son. Carol

Kimberly - posted on 01/12/2010




Yes it does. My oldest Newphew has ADHD. He is on medication and he is used to being on a schedule or close to it. It sounds like your son may also be a little autistic too. You are not failing him at all. Don't ever think that. As long as you are trying to help him, you will never fail him. When is his appointment? When he is at home try to keep him on a schedule as much as possible. Make sure you have things for him to do that he likes and is interested in. Make games and things for him to do with you and his siblings so that all of you can work together to keep him calm. Let me know what happens. Hope this helps.

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