Needing advice on what to do with my child's behavior.

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My son is 6 years old. He has always been in a loving and stable enviroment. My son in the last year and a half has become more naughty at school daycare and home. He won't listen until i start using a very raised voice and look really serious. This behavior has bought me to do some research of why he is acting out the way he does and it lead me once i typed in the things he was doing said he may have ADHD. He ticked every box. 7-8 months ago we boarded with a share house and the lady we lived with my son was absoulutely terrified of which lead him to pee in his room as he was too scared she would walk in and yell at him for standing up peeing even though he wasn't even doing anything wrong and it wasn't her concern. I then got my act together and got us a place of our own and not every night but its happening 2 times a month now he is pooing in his room and hiding it. I have not ever made him feel uncomfortable in his own home he knows if he is scared to come tell me or his dad no matter what time of day or night it is. I have always given him love, toys, a roof over his head, food in his belly etc like a good mother would. His a only child but this behavior is starting to worry me. I have been to doctors and got a referral to see a pediatrician and we are now on a waiting list for 5 years and private is 7 -10 months. I have also asked the doctor as to why he would be urinating and pooing in his room and the doctor said could be a number of reasons. But he isn't abused he isn't getting bullied or hurt his never any of those things. Besides this behavior we have noticed in the last year my son is a great well mannered boy i just want this behavior to stop. The behavior his school, child care and i have noticed are Not listening, Denies he did nothing wrong, can't remember what he did, doing his own things basically all symtoms for ADHD any advice what home remedies i can try cause i have tried changing his diet, Grounding, taking his favourite things away, not giving him pocket money making him do chores and extra when his naughty. He even goes out of his way to destroy things when his bored and it's getting beyond a joke. Please help i appreciate any new advice.


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Hi - I have a 10 year old son that has been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. He has difficulties: listening, constantly needs re-directing and everything that you mention above except for the potty issues. When my son was diagoised. I didn't even know what ADHD was....and they wanted to medicate him.. I said no way..... I'm going to take other avenues first.

The people that I spoke with at the time said start with diet and see how that works.....

So I started cutting out food dies. Red 40, Yellow (?), Blue (?) Green (?) they are listed in the back of the ingrediants. It's not easy. Everything has die in it. At first, it takes awhile to read all the ingrediants. But i've been told that food dies can be a triggers to alot of unwanted behaviors. I kept a log of all the foods that I gave him. What made him cranky and what didn't. I cut out the junk food and started doing my own cooking. I worked some what. But everyone is different.

Right know, I've started my son on a gluten free diet. I do see a difference in his behavior. Just to make you aware Gluten free foods are for people who have celic disease and they are also finding out that it's also helping with aggression, mood stings, stress etc. I'm not a doctor. So, PLEASE check with your sons doctor regarding this diet.

There's also a 123 Magic Video or Book to help parents with kids that are having difficulties in everyday tasks.

How about a positive reinforcement chart put on some tasks that aren't to difficult for him and one that is difficult. If he masters them by the end of the day. He can earn an reward and can see his accomplishments he had worked for. (a big self a esteem) I used stickers.

Just an FYI: My son did end up going on medication and it was our last resort.

Hope this helps:)

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