Okay i am new to the circle of moms and i am reaching out for some advice

Jennifer - posted on 03/11/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 7 and the worlds pickiest eater she is what i call a tactile eater doesn't matter if it is the most amazing food she has ever eaten if it is soft or has a sauce she refuses to eat it. She likes most veggies she only likes thin sliced turkey sandwich meat, no cheese with the exception to cheese burgers and mac & cheese, loves steak, fried or boiled chicken, pork chops, wont even consider mashed potatoes, only mixed food is hamburger helper peas and mac and cheese wont eat the taco shell on tacos, turns her nose up at every dip or condiment made i have taken on the role of making her lunch to monitor how much she is eating she has now taken turkey sandwiches for 3 weeks and now today she brought home the entire sandwich saying she cant eat another sandwich. i need help on recipes to offer her for lunch fun creative ideas to try so please i am in a panic because lunch at her school is served at 11a and school is going an extra hour so she finally gets home at 5 from bus so if she didnt eat lunch at all she is going 9 hours without a meal only sustaining on a bowel of cold cereal or two waffles with turkey bacon


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Dara - posted on 03/12/2011




Have you tried giving her finger foods? My kids love cheese cubes, ham cubes raw veggies, crackers etc. for lunch. It's all the same ingredients as sandwiches, just served differently, like homemade lunchables. Also, maybe have her help you pick out what to make and put in her lunches, and she will be more apt to eat it.

Lakisha - posted on 03/12/2011




kids are not going to strave, my five year old is like that. She has always been that way. what i do is cooking dinner that at least onething, i know she will eat. i let her try new things, but if she don't like it, then i don't frieght about it, because she will learn to eat different things as she gets older.

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