Other parents' controlling what my daughter is having for breakfast in pre-school??!!

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My 4th year old started pre-school this year at a small private school that she also attended last year. This year the school is asking parents to rotate and provide breakfast for a whole week to all the kids in her class, (our turn will be every 2 months or so). They reason that all the kids will be getting a balanced breakfast and they all will be eating the same thing, hence learn from each other. We will still provide separate lunches.

My husband and I are not totally comfortable with this idea, as we have been feeding our daughter as natural as possible and we are not certain if other parents embrace this lifestyle. I really don't want to be the party pooper and while we love this school and we know they are doing it for the right reasons, we don't think this is a best practice. Please comment, your opinions do count!!!


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It doesn't sound like other parents are controlling what your child eats, it just sounds like you're uncomfortable with your child eatting something that you and your husband don't feed her at home. That's completely different.

Your child will eat something unhealthy and unnatural sooner or later. I'm not being flippant about your choice on what you feed your child because I also try to keep my children eatting healthy as well. I'm making this point because my dad's mom forced him and his brother and sisters to stay on a completely vegan diet and they still snuck food and ate what she had forbidden them to eat.

What I would suggest is talking to the school about your child's diet, but don't forbid her to eat foods that she usually doesn't get at home. That would be hard on a child to not be allowed to eat what all her friends can eat. As long as she has no allergies I say let her experiance other things, but tell her that those are sometimes foods.

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No, they are not being specific about it! But you have a good point. Thanks!

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Personally, I think what the school is doing is a great idea. My kids (5 and 7) share and trade the contents of their lunch boxes with their friends anyway. Your 4-year old might start that very soon, too, so you won't know what she is trading her food for, either. At least this way, you know what she is getting. Does your preschool have food guidelines? At my kids' preschool, we used to get a list of things that were not allowed to be in the lunch boxes, like chips, cookies, and other sugar loaded stuff.

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