peeing self in school

Elizabeth - posted on 10/25/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is in 2nd grade this year..and is almost 8 years old..

she came home monday after school with wet pants, at 1st i thought she spilled water on herself at school, but when i got a better look at it, it was all around the top of her legs and around her butt and tops of her legs in the back,I asked her about it and she said she had to pee but she was outside n the teacher wouldnt let them back in to pee...I told her not to let it happen again and ask the teacher next time if u can go in and go potty...Tuesday afternoon around 1230 I got a phone call at work from her teacher(who is an awesome lady and a great teacher for being in her 30s) saying they just got back from lunch and she had noticed my daughter has peed her pants, so at 330 I ask my daughter the same question...what happen cuz you peed your panties again today..she said I had to pee but I forgot, and when i knew i had to pee it was durring lunch and alot of the kids were asking to go potty. my repsonse to this is..try not to let it happen again. so I took her to the local urgent care center after school and had her checked for a UTI since she had them so often when she was younger, they had to send culture away I should hear back by the end of the week, if it keeps up call the ped. so yesterday we came home and I asked to see her daily report/assignment book.. and she did it again yesterday at between I asked my child again what happen "oh i drink too much water at school" since they are able to take water bottles to school. so after that I called her teacher and asked what happen there..teahcer said one of the other kids pointed it out to her that she may have had an accident ,teacher cant get a straight answer out of her neither can I.I called the ped office to scheduel an appt since it was 3 days in a row..

.the bad part is my daughter doesnt realize shes doing it.

She suffers from ADD and ODD..and recently we have stopped being around a family that we were friends with due to a fall out between the other mother and myself..I think it may be stress related due to everything going on between school and the situation between the other family since our kids are really good friends..I need help!!!


Sherry - posted on 10/26/2012




perhaps the teacher could gently encourage your daughter to hit up the bathroom right at the start of the lunch hour? due to the time of her accidents, this seems like the best scheduling for it.

my daughter has accidents as well, she's 8, and in grade 3. she says she 'forgets' to go to the bathroom while either at school or daycare, and i do understand that kids sometimes don't want to miss out on something, so they hold it as long as they can. sometimes i also wonder if it is growth spurt related, because the accidents will increase in frequency not long before it's time to buy bigger clothes for her.

what i've done at her daycare is let the ladies know to ask her/gently encourage her to go to the bathroom on a frequent basis. at school, this is a little more difficult due to the teacher having to keep attention to a whole class in a more structured environment. but from what i've seen, most of the accidents are happening at 'fun' daycare, where she gets too involved in an activity, etc to take a bathroom break.

one other thing we do is ALWAYS have a spare set of weather appropriate clothes in my daughter's backpack, and that backpack goes just about everywhere with us. just in case.

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