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Angela - posted on 02/01/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son just out and out refuses to take a bath/shower and wear deodorant. We have tried to stress the fact of it's importance and that the other students will pick on him, but it doesn't effect him. How can I get him to be more cleanly without forcing him in the bath and bathing him?


Sammie - posted on 02/04/2011




Yep, i have to fight with my 9yr old daughter to take a shower. I finally told her that if she don't take daily showers or at least every other day, her body will start to get rotten. She bought it for awhile, but now she is falling back into her old habits. Im really hoping when she gets a little older that she will start wanting to keep her body clean. My oldest daugter is the complete opposite, she must take a daily shower or she just can't function.


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Deepti - posted on 02/22/2011




hi angela.. there are lots of kids special products like kids soap and shampoo.. and u can try gifting him these that these r specially meant for him which will make him smarter and attractive... also u can tell him that his skin will become itchy and smelly if he does not take bath and girls will stay away... also result in poor grades in school.. that may work.. all the best

Latashia_prc - posted on 02/22/2011




1st I would like 2 say that I think Suzanna's tactic seems 2 be a very effective solution.I also think leading by example can help. I don't beat around the bush w/my 11 yr old son. He waits 4 me 2 tell him 2 shower. He seems lazy when it comes 2 putting on lotion & deodorant. This has been very stressful 4 me. I hope u will find a permanent solution.

Suzanne - posted on 02/06/2011




we had the same problem with our 10 year old, i finaly point blank came out and said to him,, "you stink go have a shower" he got upset and i looked at him said "i am saying it because i love you if people at school tell you they would be saying it to be mean, i don't want that to happen, so i am telling you the truth even though it may hurt you."
we now have no problem getting him in the shower

Maribel - posted on 02/04/2011




About 6 months ago my daughter started having bad BO so I started buying her deodorants, and lotions that she liked and putting them in her room, bathroom and in her backpack. It definately is a stage I have 2 older nieces that went through the same thing and they eventually got over it. Especailly I noticed there turning point was when they started liking boys and figure they better smell good. It is a normal but don't keep harping on them because from experience they just resist even more. I did make them take a shower or bath every time they came over but left it at that they eventually. Now I can't get them out of the shower. Hope this helped.

Melissa - posted on 02/03/2011




You are NOT alone in this matter. I have a 11 year old daughter who refuses to take showers/baths. I have been on her about her personal hygeine since she was 9. It must be a "stage" thing. I drop little hints about her needing a shower but once again she refuses. Ive gotten to the point to where if she wants to do anything like video games i wont let her play until she takes one... ive done the whole take things away still doesnt work.

Lissa - posted on 02/01/2011




You don't say how old your son is but most boys do go through this stage. Trying to force him will only make it worse so I would go with a little talk explaining washing one of those things everyone must do and if he doesn't you will take away favourite toy etc until he does. Don't turn it into a battle with you nagging, just give him his options and a time limit, for instance say I want you showered by __time and if not __ will be taken away. If he doesn't comply do what you said you would and say no more about it until the next day and just keep repeating once a day until he complies. He may be the great unwashed for a few days but he won't want to lose all of his favourite things, t.v time etc.

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