Pissed off at Head Start program

Adele - posted on 11/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4 year old is in a Head Start Program and they had a "hoops for dad" last night. Well, my husband went and he was pissed when he got home. Appartently, they were handing out door prizes which I never got any notification of but the director said I did (she is calling me a liar). 4 year old do NOT understand on drawing door prizes. They think "ooh, I get a prize." It's the purpose of teaching children that it's not fair for someone to have something and they don't. They teach this at their school on bringing money for snacks. They say that the children aren't allowed to bring money to school for snacks at lunch because someone will have one and the other not. Then my husband said that there were older kids getting the prize, not the dads. I asked her about that and she said "no they weren't", really rudely. I told her that if they were doing prizes than they should have done the drawing and said afterwards get your prize. But no they had to show the kids the prizes and get their hopes up. Or they couldve should have gave away books or smaller items. I thought that this would be just fun activities for the kids but no it turned it out to be hell!! I really do not like the director she treats me like crap every time I talk to her and I can't talk to anyone else above her because Head Start is separated from the other schools. I'm getting to the point where I will take my son out rather than being treated like that. It seems that she treats all the "hispanics" better than the whites. I make above the cut off for head start but she let him anyway because of the enrollment numbers. Any advice please?!


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Kelly - posted on 12/08/2009




headstart is the equivilent to free daycare. i mean if you've got an only child and your looking to socialize the child i get that. but educationally i've never heard anything great. your better off spending one more year with your child then having this...woman set the example of a teacher for your kid. especially if your aggrevation is apparent to him, it's not good for a child to think you are not a united team with his teacher. they can learn to use that to their advantage one day. pave the way for a happy education.

Angie - posted on 11/13/2009




I don't exactly understand what the problem is. I think it's good to teach kids that not everybody gets everything. However, I think it's very important to voice your concerns, when you have them. I would suggest, that you write the letter and then put it away for the day. Then pull the letter up, reread it and make sure that it is saying what you want it to say. It's important not to sound angry but concerned. It is also helpful if you offer some ways to solve the problem. For instance, if there weren't enough door prizes you could volunteer to help the director get donations in the future so that everyone could get a door prize. You could offer to create a flyer for the next activity with all the details so that no one will be hurt by misunderstanding. Teachers and directors work so hard and have so little time to think about these types of things that they are very happy to have the help.

Connie - posted on 11/13/2009




I'm shocked - I'm very familiar with Head Start programs, and they are supposed to be supportive of parents, not condescending. However, I do have some good news for you. Head Start is a Federally funded program - you can go to the main website http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ohs/ and express your concerns/experiences. At the very bottom of the site, you will find a "contact us" link, and an address. I'm sure they will handle the ways of your director swiftly. Good luck.

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