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Carlene - posted on 10/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is a very intelligent child, not genius or anything but smart for her age. A lot of times she acts like she doesn't know her schoolwork or homework and acts like shes dumb. I don't know what to do. I've told her many times there's nothing wrong with being smart but it's like she doesn't wan to be smart. She's 7 years old and I don't think she understands "being nerdy" yet and no one is making fun of her in class. So how do I get her to stop "playing dumb?"


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My daughter did that whenever she was challenged. It all boiled down to pure laziness. Wanting attention, fear of failure, all those She is deffinately not a self starter and seems like she can't work a single problem unless I am next to her reminding her of steps to take to solve problems. She has gotten better though.

Tracy - posted on 05/09/2011




My daughter (Grade 1 - 6 1/2 years old) is doing the same thing but it is mainly at school that the problem occurs. The teacher knows she can do the work but she is suddenly just not showing her. I'm worried as to why she is suddenly not showing her intellegence. All through prep she loved being the highest reader and still is. Reading is the only skills she still shows at school. What should I do?

Jodi - posted on 10/03/2009




Carly, do you sit with her while she is doing homework? It could be her way of wanting to spend time with you. I found my son (who is 12 this year) still does the same sort of thing, he likes for me to sit down and help him so he deliberately leaves questions saying he "can't do them" and then he gets them correct when I sit down and go through it with him. He really just likes it as time together, so I try to make a point of setting aside some time each afternoon to go through his homework with him.

Ebony - posted on 10/03/2009




my son started doing the same thing this year in first grade. where as he did better in kindergarden. but i always make sure i sit down with him to do homework and reward him for what he does on is own the correct way.

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