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Maria - posted on 09/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




How do you 'oversee' playing at the play ground, notice that another little person is not being so nice to your kid (again) and address it without being "that oversensitive mom" ??


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Melanie - posted on 09/29/2009




I have never had an issue with stepping in. I don't really care if I come across as an over protective mum. If the problem is due to both children's under developed social skills I usually direct my child with the correct course of action and hope the other usually follows as well.

As to stepping in sometimes I find catching the offending childs eye and shaking my head with my no look oon is enough to stop them. If that fails to work and there are still issues then yes I tell them off. I generally don't go to the parents and have never had anybody say anything to me. My husband did once but that was because our two year old daughter made her four year old boy cry (they were playing in a ball pit and he took the ball out of her hand, she grabbed it back, he went to mum crying!).

I generally interfer if it is affecting my child's enjoyment of the park - and they are trying to stay away and not interact with the child, threatening/dangerous behaviour has/is occurred/ing, there is a large age/size difference. The way I see it if my daughter did something and I didn't see it I would want someone to point out to her that the behaviour is inappropriate. I always use words like that is not appropriate behaviur, I wouldn't do that any more if I were you and if you get the were is your mummy I might talk to her about your behaviour they usually go running to her for protection and reassurance. Also a that is not very nice how would like it if someone said/did that to you. you can't get into trouble for things like that and if you don't just say if you were keeping a better eye on your child then you would know.......

Diane - posted on 09/29/2009




I agree with Christy do not be afraid to correct the bad behavor and if the parent is arround take it up with the parent if the child does not respect what you have to say but do not be timmid that is the problem these days children do not learn to respect adults. unfortunately the problem sometimes stem from the parents. Do not let kids treat your kid bad step in.

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Is the "not being nice" behavior bullying or is it something less severe?

I think that if it is bullying that you stepping in is not being "oversensitive" but protective of your child. I've had to step in when my daughter was being bullied by a kid at the playground that we knew.

Depending on your child's age you might want to consider talking to them about what they feel comfortable with you doing.

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