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Angela - posted on 12/28/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 10 year old going into middle school next year. He has ADHD, I am looking for a good tuition free middle school anywhere in central Ohio that works well with ADHD children. Does anyone have any ideas? I hear Dublin elementary schools are good, but no word on middle school. Thank you.


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Shannon - posted on 01/08/2013




I don't know that I would try to find the right school that "fit" your child, or make the one that he should already go to "FIT" him.

My 21 yr old was diagnosed ADHD at 5 and then a few years later bi-polar was discovered also. I struggled over and over with schools for him until I found out a little known fact within our school system here. Your childs school has all the resources you just have to stand firm and demand their assistance. I don't know if it is called the same thing in Ohio's schools, but here it is called and ARD meeting. It's a meeting held with your child's counselor, teachers and you. It is designed to identify what areas your child needs help in and modify their classroom (seating him closer to the teacher so she can redirect his focus/ giving his an "important job" in the board, leader in the lunch line, etc.), modify his classwork and homework. These meeting are held at intervals and his successes and failures will be identified and they will re-modify where they need to for your son to be successful. Everything that is decided is designed to help your son feel important and smart and helps him see that he CAN do it without getting frustrated.

With my son struggling more in english and history, his work was modified to him being responsible for only half of the assignment at first. Example: If the vocabulary had 30 words to spell and write sentences for, he only had to do 15. Gradually when he was able to maintain focus better and was more confident in himself, a little more was given. No other child knew this was being done, so there was no chance of my son being teased and tormented over his abilities. He soon gained enough confidence that he WANTED to do the rest like the other kids and he was willing to work harder because it was now a "good challenge" and not a struggle. It became like a competition to achieve the same or more than the rest of the class.

My son's grades went up dramatically and his self-esteem was through the roof because COULD do it.

I hope this helps you.
If you can't get anywhere with the school the school board for your district.

Lakota - posted on 01/08/2013




Can you call the Dublin elementary schools and ask them? I don't live in that area. But, calling other schools or asking parents locally will help.

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