plz help anyone with ADHD kids

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anyone got kids with ADHD what can help me out just found that not do i have one with ADHD but i got two with ADHD whats some of the behave and what is the best meds and do they have like really bad mood swings and how to make them mind my two girls fight all the time and its hard for me to controll then as a single mom trying to deal with two ADHD and one that think tha so dont get as much mommy time as the other two but she dose and not just that i am all the time having to get on to the two that has ADHD where she really dont get in trouble PLZ HELP ME I really could use so help of this cuz them two r going to drive me nut cuz i really dont knw what to do cuz the med that they r on really isnt helping this at all


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What meds are they on? My son is 4 and he is also ADHD and he is on clonidine which is a very regularly used medication for ADHD. He is also on Methalyin in the morning and afternoon to help calm him down and then he takes 1 clonindine at night to help him sleep. I can't imagine 2 with ADHD, I am about to pull my hair out with mine. I have discovered a few things though: structure (it's crucial for an ADHD child to have structure, the same thing each and every day), I also have discovered that by giving my son a few small chores and letting him help me with cleaning, etc. that his behavior has gotten better somewhat, and lastly is consistency, you have to be consistent in letting them know you are boss and what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Sometimes it seems like a never ending battle but believe me it gets better. I have already seen a huge change in my son. Also, some meds work better in some kids and not others so be sure you find a good medication for your girls. There is some great info on the Internet about ADHD if you have some time I found it a great relief to me. I hope this helps, good luck and blessings.


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Have you tried to look into non meds? My 15 yrold was ADHD at 6 and Meds were the last thing I wanted to do. I broke down eventually and put on them. She's been off for about 2 yers and has improved . I believe I agreed to put her on the meds more for my benefit than hers. It's a constant struggle I know, but you do have to have structure and be as consistant as possible. It seems your life is also alittle stressed out which they are picking up on. Try to calm yourslef down first when things get heted and try to separate the issue at hand--are they just tired and cranky, what did they eat last, have they had any physical activity lately..? All those things come into play. Be sure you look at all the points before putting them on any meds. Note that once you begin them on meds you can't just pull them off, that will do more damgage.
Breathe and research all your ioptions and find whats best for your kids :-) Good luck

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