Poor attitude in 1st Grade.....HELP!!!

Kristen - posted on 12/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter just received her progress report and while I should be jumping up and down for joy for the FABULOUS progress she has made academically, her attitude makes me MAD and SAD!! The teacher reports: she has no respect for adults, she doesnt follow school rules and has her own set of rules to follow, and she is bossy with the other kids. How do I change the way she treats others? I know this is from YEARS of spoiling from family members. Me not being firm enough with the way they allowed her to act with them. They think its okay and cute for her to respond with attitude and be all diva like, but its getting her in some SERIOUS trouble at school. Me and Daddy have decided to take away all her toys and TV in her room and she is left with her bed and books, and will have to prove herself to get her toys and special priveledges back........but how do I correct this so she can get them back?!?!? part of the reason we took the toys away as well, is she has NO respect for them either, she doesnt understand the value (money or emotional) of things and thinks that if something breaks her Aunties will just buy her new ones, so as you can see.....HELP ME!!!!!!


Amanda - posted on 12/14/2010




Maybe start a reward chart. My son is all about materialistic things, He wants this game system, he wants the newest ipod, he wants and wants and wants, everything expensive!! He doesn't realize that these things cost a lot of money, and he doesn't realize that while raising not only him but his 3 younger sisters on mainly my income, we can't just go buy and buy and buy. My family was the same way yours was. They bought and bought, and would stick up for him when I'd try to discipline him. I took everything out but his bed and dresser, crayons and paper. He has his reward chart, and by having good behavior he moves up. He helps with chores he moves up, while being polite and having a good day at school and getting a good color at the end of the day from his teacher he goes up. When he disrespects me or any adult he goes down and goes to bed 5 min early. It is actually working rather well!! Maybe a little encouragement on doing a good job and praising for good things, it may help her see that it's going to be a lot easier for her when she's acting politley and being positive. :) Best of luck! And at least your trying to put a stop to it before it gets too bad!!!


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Candy - posted on 12/14/2010




Stay firm. She will want them back soon enough. It will only get worse before it gets better. She will through a fit and then cry her little heart out. Stay stronge and stay united. She has to know this behavior is not good and it will not continue. You take them away. You talk to the Aunties and tell them until she learns to respect her stuff no more stuff. If they bring her anything it will be taken away from her.They have to get on board and show them her report card. Talk with them. You have to stay stronge. It will be hard as hell .You and Your Husband need to be united and be strong together and on the same page. Support one another. It will get worse but YOU are doing this for her own good and future. Good luck.Remember it took 7 years to get her this way it want happen over night to change her.

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