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I have been home on and off through the last five years, as in working some and not working most of the time, since she has been born! I have been really lucky on getting to spend all the time with her, but now I got the opp. to become a CNA and I am doing really good at it, and loving my job, the only thing is, is that my daughter age 5 doesnt get to see me in the mornings now b4 she goes to school, like all the years b4, but she does get to see me as soon as she gets home from school. Its really hard on her! She says she misses me at school.And even cries some nights about it. My husband is the one that has to get her up and ready for school now. Any ideals on how I can help her cope with not seeing me in the am ?


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My mom used to write me a note just to tell me how much she loved me, or what she was going to do that day. Maybe a good morning note would be good. You can also try to do her morning routine in the evening, pick out her clothes, her lunch, her breakfast so that it's like you are there in the mornings. She will get used to it, but just reassure her everynight that you love her and will see her when she gets home. I hope this helps. Good luck. :)


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I have just had this problem this school year as well. My daughter is now in second grade. I started a new job at the end of last school year. This one I work Monday-Friday 8-430, where before I worked three 12 hour days and was able to pick and choose my days off and on. So this was a big change this year that I was never able to help my daughter get ready for school or put her on the bus. She always complained of a belly ache in the morning, and actually started getting up as early as 5am afraid she wouldnt see me and would be upset when I had to leave. We finally came up with the plan that I would get her up a half hour before I had to leave so that we were able to pick her clothes together, make her breakfast and fix her hair before I left. This means she has to be waiting for an hour before the bus comes and could really sleep in later, but this has worked and the belly aches and 5am wake up calls have stopped. I dont know how early you have to leave for work but this may help your daughter.

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I was in your shoes a couple of yrs ago. I was a CNA on graveyard shift. 11p to 7a. It was very hard on my children. Their father and I were seperated at the time. We lived with my parents so they took up my role for me. Doing homework ect. In the beginning it was really stressful but I made myself a schedule and kept it and it made it easier on them. I would leave work and take them to school and go to bed. My father would pick my son up at 3 and I would pick my daughter up at 4. I would spend an hour or two with them and find out about their day and lay back down until 8 and then I would get up and spend 30 mins to an hour with them. Tuck them into bed and then leave for work. I hated it, I can't tell how many times I cried on my way to work b/c my parents were doing what I should have been doing. I know its hard to get on a sleeping schedule when you work at night but try to find sometime during that day or evening where you and her spend time together. It won't make it completely better but it will ease it some.

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Give her a little framed photo of you to put on her bedside table or maybe a small locket to wear so she has you close to her heart.

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