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I don't have school age kids quite yet (older daughter's almost three) but I know when I do, I want to be very involved with her school's PTA. I love fundraising, and I want to be involved with my girls' school experience beyond helping with homework, and attending the parent teacher conferences. Any mom's out there who've been around the block who can give me advice on how to get involved in the PTA? Is it like a volunteer thing, where you just show up, and they let you play? :D Also, any tips on how to balance working fulltime with PTA? I know it's a lot to take on, but it's important to me, and I would appreciate any feedback you can give me.


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They work differently at all schools, but there is one thing they all have in common--We need ALL the help we can possibly get!!!

At our school, The PTA puts together a list of known volunteer opportunities for parents at the beginning of the year, then we distribute the list to teachers. The teachers then put the sign-up sheets out during Meet-the-Teacher night so that parents can sign up then. We also have a table set up for parents to sign up for PTA--just give us your name and email addy, and we will email you with all volunteer opportunities we have.

One thing to remember--you don't need to say yes to every volunteer opp email you get. We literally send out 5 to 10 a month, but we have 800 parents. If you volunteer for everything, you will get bored and burnt out, so instead, just volunteer for those you think will be fun, or that you have a passion for.

You mentioned Fundraising. For me, selling, delivering, etc, is HORRID, but I love going in on Thursdays to wrap the muffins the other mom's sell on Fridays. I also love putting together the baskets for our silent auction, but you will be hard pressed to get me to sell tickets or man the bidding. Luckily, we have very personable moms for those jobs :)

As for balancing work & PTA, that will depend on your school's PTA. Our school has board meetings at noon, so many of our working moms can't be on the board, BUT they are VERY VERY valuable members to us. They set up corporate sponsorship with local businesses, They sell banner ads to hang up during sporting events, and print ads in our weekly paper as well as on the back of programs for our plays and concerts. We try very hard in our PTA to make sure that our working moms can still take on a very active role without having to sacrifice too much in their career or take too much time off. If your school's PTA does not do that, you could suggest ways that they can.

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Fundraising is what I'm good at, and I figure one more body to help out is always a good thing, right? I majored in theatre, and while it hasn't helped much in real life, I figure the skills I learned in the program could be valuable in a PTA setting. I have lots of ideas for fundraisers, and party planning is a hobby of mine. My favorite part is logistics... I love organizing things. I'm detail-oriented, and quite good at simply getting things done. I'm sure I could be an asset to a PTA organization, I'm just unsure of how a PTA works, and how someone gets involved. I have a couple years to figure all this out, but I can't wait, lol! I wanna start now!

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I'm on the PTA Executive Board at my son's school, so I know all about how PTA works. Generally, you can approach the PTA members and tell them you want to help, and they will be able to give you a list of the positions available that need representation. You'll be able to look and see what positions have responsibilities that align with your availability, too, which makes it easy! PTA is entirely volunteer, but certain positions require a more serious time commitment than others. Do you know what you would like to do? The PTA at your daughter's school (once she gets there), should have a Ways and Means V.P. (who will oversee fundraising) and will tell you how you can best help in that area (if that is what you want to do). Is it only fundraising that you want to help out with?

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Well it's my sons first year in kindergarten so I'm relatively new to the PTA thing, but if you show up you get to play :) at my sons school the meetings are the first Monday of every month from 6:30-7:30, they provide daycare services for those that need it. I believe the board is elected the previous year so you'll get a year to see what it's about and if you want to be more involved you can.

Any events that they are holding or fundraisers they have sheets where you can sign up to volunteer, so you can choose the events that work with your schedule.

When your son starts school you can speak to the teacher about volunteering in the classroom too.

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