Pulmicort with behavioral issues

Colleen - posted on 11/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 5yr. Old daughter was put on an inhaler a couple of weeks ago for her asthma. She had a bad winter last year with wheezing, coughing and this is when her dr. Put her on pulmicort in the am and pm as part of a routine to prevent recurrent sicknesses. It was getting to be a lot of time to do this so we asked about trying some different type of meds and this is when they gave us qvar inhaler to use in the am and pm in place of the pulmicort. She has had some big behavioral issues such as screaming and not being able to stop, yelling and being very difficult to redirect. I called the dr. And they decided to take her off of the inhaler qvar and just go back to pulmicort am and pm but we are still seeing behavioral issues. I am sooo frustrated...it is so difficult to watch my child struggle so much.......any comments would be appreciated. What do I do now? Does it take a long time to notice a change in behavior once stopping a medication. What is better being able to eliminate wheeze or having behavioral issues?


Meera - posted on 11/05/2013




Hi Colleen ! I understand how you feel but believe me this is a very difficult time for your daughter.i have a daughter and she was suffered almost same prob which your daughter had.she is asthmatic in the same age her condition became so bad but now she is better. I observed that this is linked with there emotions too other then weather.when she was scared or worried about something and stressed she had an attack.but the side effects of her inhaler or Medes were shivering she barely hold anything.i suggest treat her with lots of love hugs and kisses.watch her if she is upset or scared about any thing.have you tried to nebulize her ? I found it very help full but this is just a suggestion.visit her dr.and discuss about the behavior changes. I wish your daughter get well soon.

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