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Just curious to know if anyone can tell me what happens when a child has their tonsils and / or adenoids removed. Is it outpatient surgery? What about recovery time? And do they use general anesthesia???


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Nelly - posted on 11/14/2015




That this procedure help your daughter? ,I am not sure about doing this to my child.

Sally - posted on 06/22/2011




my daughter had her tonsils & adenoids taken out recently. it was an out patient surgery and they knocked her out ,she was groggy for a while but was able to talk even though i wouldnt let her, she had to have soft foods. ice cream for the first day or two then just the normal soft foods like mashed potatoes ect.,you will get info on the whole bit. dont worry about it though, the "child" will be fine, his/her self in due time. good luck :)

Lisa - posted on 06/10/2011




Hi...2 of my 3 boys have had a T & A removal. It is outpatient and they use general anesthesia....both boys were "under" for about an hour-hour and a half. When my older son had it done (he was 14 at the time) after the surgery, while he was in recovery, he began to bleed heavily and it was discovered that his adenoids had not been cauterized completely, so they took him back into surgery. When my youngest had it done...all went well. Both took about a week of healing with popsicles and soft food, but were out of any major pain within a day or two after surgery.

Becky - posted on 06/10/2011




my oldest had that done 2 years ago next moth and it is outpatient surgery. they have to eat icepops ice cream and puddings for about 2 -3 weeks the hospital should give you a list of what they can eat and not eat yet. Here is a tip for you and your other half try to eat what is on the list yourselves that way your child does not feel left off at meal times. They let the kids chose what flavor the want to smell when they put them under to do the surgery

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