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My 5th grade daughter has always gotten good grades. This year has been a struggle for her. Her lowest grades are in spelling and reading comprehension. We have started the flash cards for spelling words but I need some suggestions for the reading. She loves to read but she can read a paragraph or two and not remember what she has just read. Since I am a working mom my time is limited and spread between 3 kids. She is getting upset because she says she is trying but just not understand what she reads. I have told her to slow down in her reading and stop every couple of paragraphs and try to review what she just read, but I think I need to try something else. Any thoughts or suggestion?


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My children do the same thing. Mine are in kindergarten and first grade and read very well, but struggle at times with comprehension. The suggestions that have been made are all great and may work for you where they didn't for me. For my children, I sometimes have to get them to write a summary of each paragraph, to the best of their ability. After they have finished the book and summaries, we go over them together. The light that illuminated their faces was worth the effort. It is hard at first, but perseverance pays off and my children need very little help understanding reading material now.LOL. Now I have to work on their fluency....Good luck!

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Talk to your daughters teacher and the school librarian. There are books written for students exactly like that. I can't remember what they are called but they are for students who can read at grade level but comprehend at a lower level. Get those for her and begin to build her confidence in her ability. She'll catch up in no time!

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try getting her to read books from either movies or shows she has watched , the characters ar more real to her so she is able to get more into the story and visualise it , I also read my daughters books before she did and would get chapter updates so I could see where she was up to and how much she was retaining ( these books are very easy to read ie. High School Musical etc)

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Have her read for at least 15 minutes every night - she gets to choose what she reads. The best way to get better at reading is to read! If she has never had trouble with reading comprehension before, maybe a talk with her teacher is in order. If your other two children are younger, try having her read out loud to them - quality sibling time together plus good reading skill reinforcement for all! Good luck!

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Maybe it's not so much comprehension as it is communication. She may know what she's read, but unable to communicate that so she says she doesn't remember. Try showing her what reading comprehension means. Read her assignment (to yourself) then explain to her what you just read. After that, have her read it (to herself) and ask her if what you read and said was similar to what she just read. Some kids learn by doing, some learn by hearing and others learn by seeing. When you are a visual learner reading comprehension can be difficult because there is nothing to "see." Keep practicing it until she feels comfortable on her own and begins to use her minds eye to create a visual of what she is reading.

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