SAHM feeling isolated... any cure?

Tracie - posted on 11/20/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




i've been a SAHM for almost 6yrs and i'm starting to feel a bit cut off from the adult world. i've never been much good at making new friends and all of my old ones are still enjoying childless bliss. i thought that once my eldest, 5yrs, started kindergarten i would be able to meet other moms through school involvement. unfortunately, that's not happening. it seems to me that working moms are too busy and soccer moms can afford group activities which build their social circles, i just need a nook where i can fit in and get some much needed 'mom interaction'. Any suggestions would be great!


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Karen - posted on 11/26/2009




Can you carry a tune in a bucket? I have been a Sweet Adeline for 20 years. You don't have to read music, be a great danceer, or be a soloist. There are choruses aroudn the world (literally from Sweden to New Zealand and points in between, 27,000 women - largest women's singing organization in the world) from 20-180 people, aged 18-80. Send me a message on facebook and I'll try to send you some links. It will get you out of the house, tap your creative side, and it's grand fun. Choruses sing everything from classical to country to gospel to Motown, all arranged in the barbershop style. You just have to be able to sing a bit (at least be on key, you'd be amazed at how much you can do and don't even know it), you will be taught everything else. Go to, go to the find a chorus section, put in your area, find one and go. You just have to make the decision and stick to it that one night a week is yours. Does your College or H.S. alumni organization have a local group and can you volunteer there? Or, have you always wanted to learn to cook, paint, sculpt, whatever? Take a class, you might find your niche. Try new things and you'll eventually find what you're looking for. Good luck!

Heidi - posted on 11/23/2009




I just recently moved to a small town. (well to the country of a small town) And im soo the outsider. So i know just what your goin through. I have joined the PTA and another parent group at my sons school. Which helps a little. Have you thought about maybe cub/girl scouts? These are not very expensive. Or maybe a church group?

I know its hard. But your just goin to have to try and stick your foot in the door :)

Crystal - posted on 11/23/2009




I know exactly how you feel. The worse part is at my daughter's school, if you aren't upper class, then they really don't want you to be there to help and do things in the classroom. I go anyway. My daughter wants me there, so that's what matters to me. But it is hard. I have been a SAHM for 4 years and it started when i was 16, so i never even had a job before. lol. All of my friends from school either moved away or don't have kids, so have better things to do than hang out with their friend and her kids.

I guess, just going to the school and participating will help you get around the school moms, and maybe you will be able to make some friends there. I hope you have better luck than I did. :D

Angie - posted on 11/20/2009




Join the PTA at your child's school. In every school my children have been in (5) I find that the mom's in these groups are volunteer minded and aren't not a bit snobby......

Dorelle - posted on 11/20/2009




Is there a community center,in your area? If so, they sometimes have free activities/classes you can join. Also, look into non-profit organism in your areas. We have a single parent organism here that have weekly meetings and monthly outing. That would permit you to build relationships with other parents in similar situations. Another way you could break the isolation is by doing voluntary work? If you look into it, you will surely find something that fits your schedule and permits you to have contact with other grownups. Those are a few ideas I've had, hope they help.

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