Santa is Watching You!!

Stephanie - posted on 11/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




AAaaargg! Both of my kids are going through one of those stages where it takes everything you have to not yell, scream, and pull your own hair out. (Not that I can say I haven't indulged the yell and scream lately. =( ) These new phases, including the terrible, Horrible, exhausting terrible 3's, just happens to coincide with Christmas.
We were supposed to go get a tree, visit Santa, and decorate today but due to major drama in the household I cancelled our plans. They just weren't coperating in the worst way. It was the only way I knew to show them that when they "make bad choices, bad things happen," "when they "make good choices, good things happen." We were all really looking forward to today's festivities and now won't have time to put up a tree for another 2 weeks.
I've also pretended to "call Santa" to see what he thought of their behavior. Does anyone else do this? Of course I said that Santa will give them another chance but is watching to make sure you behave. Feel horrible about doing such a thing but I'm at a loss. I have no patience left in me. On top of that my husband who is an AMAZING father is also at the end of his rope so there is no one to step in when we hit our limit... What should we do?


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We don't do Santa, so I can't say I've ever used him in a threat. ;)

3 year olds are definitely interesting creatures, huh?... I wouldn't tie behavior to Christmas stuff unless you're really prepared to cancel all of it/return gifts if the behavior doesn't change. Otherwise you're just making empty threats and it doesn't take kids too long to figure that out.

We definitely talk about good choices, bad choices, and the consequences of those choices. I also really emphasize how his actions effect other people's feelings and how HE would feel if that was happening to him. That tends to make the most impact on him cuz he doesn't want to hurt others (physically or emotionally) and he doesn't like being hurt either.

As for the lack of patience thing.... I'm a single mom of 3, so I HAVE no back up. There are certainly the days where I just have to ignore as much as possible to NOT blow my top and just hope we all make it til bedtime. Tomorrow is always another day!

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