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Amanda - posted on 09/21/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daughter (8) is going to be forced to stay after school for extra math classes. last year our school didnt meet state assesment requirements so they are picking students to keep after 2 days a week for extra classes in either math or reading. while i dont have a problem with them offering the help i dont feel my daughter needs it and i think it should be optinal or it should be covered in school. last year was a tough year for my daughter, we just moved to this town my husband and i moved in together with his son and we got married we moved to a new town and my daugher was no longer staying with my parents during the school week. also at this school k-2nd grade they swich classes every 30 min to an hour like middle school and high school students do. it was a big change for my daughter her grades were good so i dont understand why she needs this. also my daughter wanted to be in girl scouts this year and i didnt have the money to pay for it so she did odd jobs all summer to raise the money and now 1 of the days they want to keep her is the day of girl scouts and i have no clue how to tell her she cant go. im afraid she is going to feel like she is being punished and is going to shut down not only at school during but after school and here at home. also my step-son who didnt pass either state assesment last year has not been asked to stay after which i dont understand at all!!! i dont know what to do and i really need other mommys advice!!! thanks


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You have to talk to the school. There has to be a reason for them being picked. I would want to know why and how I can change it if there is no real reason. As far as truency they are only called if your child misses more the half here in Ga. Check that where you live. You may can have her miss the ones where she has girl scouts and it want effect anything.

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talk to the school, see if you can come to a comprimise with them about yur daughter atleast


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If she worked to get in the girl scouts then she should get to go. none of this sounds right. Just out right tell them she will not be attending. If they can not teach kids during the school day -then they aren't doing their job. there is no legal way the truancy law is a real thing. :P this sounds so aggravating sorry your school is giving you such a hard time!

Amanda - posted on 09/22/2010




my MIL is a teacher in another school district here in our state she says i need to call the board of education and that all of this is not leagle that the truency part is a scare tactic... she says if there going to do an extended day it has to be all students and for the entire school year not just some students and part of the school year. at the school where she works there doing the same tutoring type program as what our school is offering but a letter was sent home and parents were asked to sign it and return it if there child could attend and there was no threatining!!! i think im going to try and find the BOE's phone # and call them this still has me madder then a wet hen :(

Danielle - posted on 09/22/2010




That is not right at all. They should change the whole math and reading program instead of forcing the kids to stay after school. Our school district did that.

Amanda - posted on 09/21/2010




i recieved a letter today after i posted this stateing that my stepson also has to attend and it is mandatory and that truency laws apply, so in other words if i let ky go to girlscouts insead on this extended day i can face jail time :(

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