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i have an 8 year old daughter who is in grade three. a year ago i had to transfer her to a new school due to issues she ws having with a cousin in the same school. she thrived at her new school and was getting good grades but at her new school her grades have dropped drastically. i watch the homework coming home and wonder why she isnt able to do half the stuff sent home. her response is always that the teachers will not help her and when she asks for help to understand they tell her to figure it out on her own. she also had homework comin home where right answers were marked wrong and wrong answers we marked right. i confronted last years teacher and asked her what is going on and why they arent helping her and she told me that she promotes independent learning and i told her shes not in independent learning shes in school. and with out the fundemental basics how do you expect to don on her own? this lead to a hole big thing with the principal and counselors.

this year it seems to be much of the same and has actually gotten to the point where im having to have meetings with the teachers and principal monthly and im having to buy extra meterials to do at home just so she will pass.

the biggest things that bug me are that since this school my daughter comes home and says she stupid and dumb and retarded and doesnt know how to do things tghat she used to be able to do no problem. i have heard her teahcers and principal talk to her in a way (tone and actions) that puts my defences up and makes me want to jump down their throats.

my daughter now gets sick to her stomach and doesnt want to go to school any more

how can i get these teahcers who no longer care about the students and only their paychecks to wake up and their jobs?


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I suggest you start spending as much time as possible in your daughter's school and see for yourself what is going on. Working with schools takes a gentle hand, "confronting" your child's teacher will only get you a bad reputation and it will affect your child. I don't doubt for a minute that there is a problem at the school but you have to be very careful how you deal with it. Making a teacher defensive will only make things worse - I learned this the hard way. My son had some bad teachers over the years and my heading in like a bull in a china shop really hurt him. I always volunteer at school so that my presence is known. I have to take unpaid leave from work sometimes or vacation time to be there but it's worth it. You may need to change schools again, but remember that your "record" will follow you - teachers talk just like everyone else. Be very careful in the 3rd school.

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Dont think you can you'd probably be better off changing schools again. I dont see any point in trying to change the way schools do stuff because ive tried and it doesnt work.

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