Selfconfidence 4 my son without him bullied or turning him into 1

Martina - posted on 04/13/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




It got spring ooutside the last two weeks,and - as i'm working i can't tell what happens in kindergarden exactly - on the playground i noticed something about my son that made me worry.

he was playing with some other boys - same age i think - two he already knew, two he just got to know.
first they played just nice - three of the boys got overexcited soon - which i don't like for my son to play with, but i let it be
i was talking to another mother, suddenly we noticed, the other boys were pulling my son down!!!!
i wwas terrified, ran over pulled my baby off the ground and told the others to get away.

my son was laughing during the whole action, but from experience of my little brother i know, that these situations are tending to get abusive if it happens more often - and that's what I'm afraid of!!!

I don't want to have my son bullied in the future.
I had the experience of mobbing felt myself when i was a teenager and simply don't want it to happen to my son.

what can i do?
he's communicative and often very initiative and yes, he has leader qualities!
So I can't simply tell him to defense himself - i fear that in this case there might be the danger that HE'S going to be the bully this way.

I tried to explain that to him - defending himself but not physically, avoiding and recognizing the bad guys - but it left him confused because i couldn't get advice and worries into the right words :-(

how should i tell him?

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