Separation Anxiety at 8 years old.

Kat - posted on 10/05/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




The past 2 years my son at the beginning of school would be really sad, and even cry at times. But now what concern's me is he isn't crying but the night before school he follow's me around saying things like "why can't i homeschool him'?? Or why do we not have more day's off..And this can go on for hour's, wev'e tried to redirect him and it use to work..But now he doesn't want to play..he just want's to be thinking of being away from us, .. I've tried being harsh and firm,this hasn't worked..also cause i do not know if it's right to punish him for missing us..I've talked to his teacher she say's he's a great kid, she uses him as a role model, and he's very smart...So what can i do should i take him to a counslor..i've tried the school's..but it hasn't worked..please help..."feeling guity for pushing him AWAY>>>>>>


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omg i was just googling what to do about my situation and your blog came up. I to am having the same situation and idk what i am to do. My son is a single child and wants to cling to me alllll the time and he hates that i have to work soo much. Being a single parent it get very frustrating knowing u want to be with your child 24/7 but cant due to the reality of life... soooo when u find what to do please email me thanks

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