Separation anxiety, how to over come this?

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I have a friend who has a child in Kindergarten who just will not stay in class. Any time there is a break from school (spring break, Christmas break) she has the hardest time getting them to go back to school. They will run after her as she is driving away. One day the child even ran away from school to their house. What should she do? Anyone been in something like this before or does she need to go see a specialist?


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It`s the hardest thing to do as a parent to leave your children anywhere like preschool,daycare or school or even with a friend.

But the best thing she should do is leave the child at the school.

Is their anyway she can stay at school till the child feels comfortable?

My son`s kindergarten class, all the children could bring a stuff animal for a half of the school year so the children had something from home. They also brought a favorite pillow for nap time.

The first thing she should do is the school is responsible to make sure her child DOES NOT LEAVE SCHOOL at all. Kindergarten children are ages 5 & 6 way to young to be on their own.

The child's Safety is an issue. If the child leaves the school no one will know where the child is and a stranger could pick up the child.

Take the child right into the school when dropped off.

At break time a teacher should be watching the child until they know the child will not leave the school.

She needs to talk with her children and make sure the child know its not safe to come home on your own.

If the child still has problems after trying everything she should seek help from a specialist. But the school should help her with this problem.

My son would cry when I first left him but the kids and teachers would make it fun. When they would go outside they would watch the children to make sure he would not leave the school ground because I also lived close to the school.

This is what I would do.

I hope this helps.

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