Sex question from my 7 y/o

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Today my son wanted to know how he came out of my body when he was born. He was really interested to know, but fortunately we were interrupted by my friend's 4 year old asking a question. He hasn't brought it up again, but I'm sure he will. How do I explain it to him? How many details do you give a 7 year old? Help!


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When I had my third baby, my two older kids were 7 and 5 with the older one, my son, also asking the same question and both kids eager to know. We've talked about our private parts, how noone can touch them so they know the word vagina and I said that is where the baby comes out and pointed (with my clothes on) to that area. Kids are young and don't need an in-depth explanation but I agree that a simple, but truthful explanation is appropriate for that or any question a child asks. They are naturally curious about the world. You answer as much as you think they can understand at that age. Make it simple and short. I did and it seemed to satisfy them. Good luck!

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Hi, Lisa..i know it's tough, but i think you should explain the simple way or maybe get a nice cartoon book.
My daughter had questions w/ 6, so i got her this book from the 70's in Germany, need to find out if they have it in English too, which has a story about a family with 1 child, but the mother is expecting and the child wants to know, how the baby got in the tummy. So they show cartoon pictures and it's a lovely story. And by the time my daughter finished her book, she says, i kind a new that's what the boys have they penis for. Now you can imagine i was more shocked then she was reading her book. But she was satisfied. My little one is 6 and he asked too, i had to C-Sections so i told him that he came out of my tummy, but he hasn't ask how the baby got in there, when it's time, i'll read the book to him...

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We told our kids that when a mummy and daddy love each other very much they do a special cuddle. After the baby grows it comes out of the Mummy. You could try asking him how he thinks the baby comes out. My 7 year old knows some babies come out of a mummys vagina, and some come out the quick way, through her tummy. We told her it hurts a bit but the Dr has medicine and you get an amazing gift at the end, so it is all worth it.

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